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Do you know the new-product success rate? According to a Booz, Allen and Hamilton study, for every seven new product ideas, about four enter development, 1.5 are launched and only one succeeds. The convenience retailing industry acts as an incubator for many of these success stories. In that spirit, for the 13th consecutive year, CSP magazine is calling for submissions for the 2016 edition of its Retailer Choice Best New Product Contest.

Nestlé Ahead of the Sugar Curve

Pixy Stix

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; that Giant Pixy Stix isn’t nearly as giant.

Nestlé reformulated the product—and many others—to meet the company’s sugar guidelines, which align with recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) that consumption of added sugars be limited to no more than 10% of daily calorie intake.

This Year’s Hottest Stocking Stuffer?

kris krumbles

They might not look like it to you and I, but Whiffer Sniffers scented backpack clips are all the rage.

It doesn’t help that I don’t carry a backpack anymore, or that my kids aren’t yet at that age where accessorizing their school bag is as important as the books inside. But these scented clips are indeed popular, to the point that they’ve garnered thousands of followers on Instagram, millions of views on YouTube and even won the Most Wanted Collectible Toy of the 2015 Holiday Season by TTPM, a review site for toys, tots, pets and more.

Popular Culture Meets C-Store Staple

grumpy cat coffee

I’m pretty grumpy before I get my first cup of coffee in the morning. And now the perpetually grumpy cat is here to help.

Los Angeles-based Grumpy Beverage has expanded its product line to include Grumpy Cat Roasted Coffee.

Silent Might be Golden

senior citizens

When it comes to determining who your core convenience-store foodservice customer is, don’t overlook the Silent Generation (born 1928 to 1945).

Energy Boost

5 hour energy

Chances are your customers don’t feel that one little shot will be enough. And some retailers are noticing.

Say Hello to Corporate ‘Halos’

business ethics

Going viral: sometimes it’s a good thing. And sometimes it’s not.

Ethics have become increasingly important as public opinion can be tweeted, recorded or posted out to the masses in the time it takes to hit the send button.

And that opinion matters. New research from Mintel reveals that 56% of U.S. consumers stop buying from companies they believe are unethical.

Old CPG Habits Die Hard

canned foods

Manufacturers and retailers have been resistant to turn away from their “old” pricing and promotion strategies, according to Chicago-based IRI.

For retailers looking to change, adjust or evolve their pricing strategy, they will be faced with the following three challenges:

Promotion Problem: They’re Not Buying It

frozen food

You win some, you lose some.

Despite manufacturers best promotional and merchandising intentions, certain products still fall flat on convenience-store shelves.

The reason for this sales black hole comes courtesy of misguided strategies and more, as outlined in the Chicago-based IRI report “Merchandising for Growth: Connecting the Dots for Maximum Activation.”

Blog: Is There Such a Thing as Pumpkin Overload?


Your customers are acting like squirrels.

Pumpkin flavor has infiltrated everything from cereal to ice cream to oral care. But there’s one difference between people and squirrels: The rodent doesn’t particularly care for pumpkins, according to the Chicago Academy of Sciences website, They eat them because “they are there,” the CAS says. If corn is in short supply, pumpkins serve as a quick and convenient option for squirrels as they prepare to store food for winter.



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