20 Products That Grabbed Our Attention in April

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At the end of every month, Convenience Store Products offers a rundown of the hottest snacks, candies, beverages and general merchandise that hit retailers over the past four weeks. This batch includes items ranging from packaged pickles and energy drinks to tobacco and CBD products.

Here’s what hit the market in April …

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1. Discovery American Reserve Red Lager

budweiser discovery reserve

Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser unveiled its new Discovery Reserve American Red Lager, a limited-edition beer brewed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing "and the determination of the American spirit," the company said.

Inspired by an archival Budweiser recipe from the time of the Apollo moon missions, Discovery Reserve is brewed with medium-roast Voyager barley malt and features a light, hoppy aroma; a toasted barley malt taste with a hint of toffee; and a sharp finish, according to the company. Discovery Reserve is brewed by Karissa Norrington, a Budweiser brewmaster and a former U.S. Air Force captain.

Photograph courtesy of Anheuser-Busch

2. Rockin' Protein Energy

rockin' protein shamrock

Shamrock Farms has added Rockin' Protein Energy to its line of protein shakes. The ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages feature the dual fuels of high-quality protein from milk and natural caffeine from cold-brew coffee, according to the company.

New Rockin' Protein Energy is available in 12-ounce bottles in three coffee-inspired flavors: Cafe Latte, Mocha Latte and Caramel Latte. Each drink includes 30 grams of protein and is low-calorie, low-carb, lactose-free and has no artificial growth hormones or added sugars.

Photograph courtesy of Shamrock Farms

3. BLK Wine Tip Cigarillos

swisher blk wine

The maker of Swisher Sweets cigarillos is introducing a new offer with BLK Wine Tip Cigarillos, which gives users a wine taste and aroma, the company said. Officials with Swisher International say the cigarillo is a fusion of hand-selected, air- and fire-cured tobaccos that delivers a “unique” experience.

BLK Wine Cigarillos join a lineup of blends that includes Smooth, Grape, Cherry and Berry. They come in a resealable two-count pouch with the company's “sealed fresh” guarantee. Available for shipment to stores nationwide, the cigarillos come in two for 99 cents, save on two and two for $1.49 options, as well as single-sale impulse displays.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International

4. Nick’s Sticks

nicks sticks

Wenzel’s Farm has launched Nick's Stick's, a line of 100% grass-fed beef and free-range turkey meat snacks in Original and Spicy varieties. Nick’s Sticks come in 1.7-ounce packages and are paleo, keto, gluten-free and free of sugar and artificial flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Wenzel’s Farm

5. Flipz Mix


Pladis Global has launched Flipz Mix, which combines its Flipz milk chocolate-covered pretzels with popcorn, regular pretzels and candy-coated chocolates. Flipz Mix will arrive to retailers nationwide later this year for suggested retail prices of $2.49 and $3.49 for 4-ounce and 6.5-ounce bags, respectively.

Pladis has also revealed another flavor added to the snack mix that will emerge down the road: Flipz Mix White Fudge, featuring Flipz white fudge covered pretzels, popcorn, pretzels and sweetened dried cranberries.

Photograph courtesy of Pladis Global

6. Laffy Taffy

laffy taffy gone bananas

Ferrara Candy Co. has launched Gone Bananas, a banana-only flavored bag of Laffy Taffy at retailers nationwide. Gone Bananas comes in 3.5-ounce peg bags for a suggested retail price of $1 and are available for a limited time only.

Photograph courtesy of Ferrara Candy Co.

7. Muuna Cannabis Cottage Cheese


Muuna, a cottage cheese brand, has debuted its newest flavor, Muuna Cannabis Cottage Cheese, for a limited time in select retailers nationwide. Munna Cannabis Cottage Cheese is made from milk from grass-fed cows and is sprinkled with food-grade cannabis on the bottom of each cup. The product contains 20 grams of protein per single-serve cup.

Photograph courtesy of Muuna

8. Doritos Spider Man

doritos spider man

Frito-Lay has partnered with Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios to launch a marketing campaign to support the new film, "Spider-Man: Far From Home," which arrives in theaters this summer.

The promotion includes "Spider-Man"-themed Dorito’s packaging, in-store "Spider-Man" displays, consumer sweepstakes and more. Specially-marked Doritos products in select markets will contain codes that can be entered for an opportunity to win unique superhero-inspired prizes, including a grand-prize European trip for two.

Photograph courtesy of Frito-Lay

9. Adrenaline Shoc

adrenaline shoc

Lance Collins, the man behind beverage brands such as Fuze, Nos Energy and Core, is working with Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) to launch a new line in the energy-drink category. The beverage entrepreneur is launching Adrenaline Shoc, or A Shoc, as "a modern smart energy drink designed for today's active generation." National sales and distribution will be handled by KDP, which also has made an investment in the brand.

A Shoc will roll out in June in eight flavors: Acai Berry, Cotton Candy, Sour Candy, Smart Energy, Frozen Ice, Fruit Punch, Watermelon and Peach Mango.

Photograph courtesy of Adrenaline Shoc

10. Babybel Mini Rolls


Cheese snack company Babybel has launched its new Babybel Mini Rolls at major retailers nationwide. The snacks are packed in a portable pouch and are free or artificial flavors, preservatives and colors. Consumers can purchase them in five-count packs for a suggested retail price of $3.89.

Photograph courtesy of Babybel

11. CBD Mouth Strips

cbd mouth strips

CBD manufacturer CBDfx has launched its new CBD mouth strips, a line of dissolvable mint strips that are taken orally. These products are available in three- and five-packs, with strips in the three-pack containing 15 milligrams of CBD and strips in the five-pack containing 25 milligrams of CBD. These are ideal for customers who want the extended release that comes with ingesting CBD, but also want something more discreet than a gummy candy, the company said.

Photograph courtesy of CBDfx

12. CandyRific Batman & Wonder Woman

candyrific batman

CandyRific has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to launch two new DC superhero novelty fans: Batman and Wonder Woman. The fans come with assorted fruit-flavored dextrose candies. They are available for a suggested retail price of $4.99 and ship in six, 12-count displays.

Photograph courtesy of CandyRific

13. Evo Hemp CBD Cold Brew Coffee

evo hemp coffee

Cannabis company Evo Hemp has partnered with Forest Coffee Trading Co., a direct trade coffee roasting company, to offer a new cold-brew coffee. The Forest Coffee Trading Co. CBD Cold Brew uses coffee beans sourced from a micro-lot producer in Northern Thailand and is combined with Native American-grown Evo Hemp CBD extract. The coffee is available in 12-ounce bottles, each of which contain 15 milligrams of hemp.

Photograph courtesy of Evo Hemp

14. Welch’s Mixed Fruit Easter Snacks

welch's fruit snacks easter

Promotion in Motion has launched Welch's Mixed Fruit Easter Fruit Snacks, which are available at select retailers nationwide for suggested retail prices of $4.49 and $12.69 for 28-count boxes and 160-count boxes, respectively. These fruit snacks are made with real fruit, and they are gluten-free and fat-free.

Photograph courtesy of Promotion in Motion

15. Pressels


Pretzel maker Dream Pretzels LLC has debuted Pressels, a line of thin and crispy baked pretzel chips, in select retailers nationwide. Baked and never fried, Pressels are lower in fat than traditional chips and lower in sodium than regular pretzels, according to the company. They are Non-GMO Project verified, vegan-friendly and free of trans fat, MSG, preservatives and artificial ingredients. Pressels come in 7.1-ounce bags in four flavors: Sea Salt, Everything, Sesame and Sriracha.

Photograph courtesy of Dream Pretzels LLC

16. Van Holten’s Tapatio Pickle

tapatio pickle

Pickle manufacturer Van Holten’s has launched its newest Pickle-In-a-Pouch flavor, Tapatio, a take on the hot sauce of the same name. The Tapatio Pickle-in-a-Pouch will be available at retailers nationwide this summer. The 12-ounce pickle has a two-year shelf life and doesn’t require refrigeration.

Photograph courtesy of Van Holten’s

17. Coca-Cola Smartwater

Coca-Cola Smartwater

The Coca-Cola Co. has introduced three new smartwater flavors: Sparkling Strawberry Blood Orange, Sparkling Fuji Apple Pear and Sparkling Raspberry Rose. The drinks were developed following extensive consumer research and taste-testing, according to Lauren Freedman, smartwater brand manager for Coca-Cola Co., who said the team wanted its first foray into flavors to be exotic and unexpected, all while staying true to its premium-hydration proposition.

The new drinks will be sold initially in half-liter bottles (singles and six-packs) in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Suggested retail price is $2.29. Consumers nationwide will be able to order them online this summer.

Photograph courtesy of Coca-Cola

18. Mette Munk

mette munk

Arytza brands has debuted Mette Munk, a line of Danish pastries, in the United States and Canada. Mette Munk pastries are made with real fruit, free-range eggs, certified sustainable palm oil, real Bourbon vanilla and pure maple syrup. They are crafted in the company’s bakery in Odense, Denmark. Arytza teams in both the United States and Canada will be working in partnership with the company’s customers to introduce the Mette Munk pastry line across multiple channels.

Photograph courtesy of Arytza Brands

19. Hemp Cheeba Chews

cheeba chews

Cheeba Chews, a marijuana edible producer, has launched Hemp Cheeba Chews, a line of hemp-derived CBD taffy. Hemp Cheeba Chews CBD line is now available in all 50 states in four taffy flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Sour Apple and Caramel. These edibles are made from U.S.-grown, certified organic hemp plants and are lab-tested for accurate dosing, according to the company. Hemp Cheeba Chews are available in four-packs, 10-packs and 20-packs for suggested retail prices of $18, $32 and $45, respectively. Each 3-gram chew contains 25 milligrams of CBD.

Photograph courtesy of Cheeba Chews

20. McClure Pickles Snack Packs

mcclure pickle snack packs

Pickle producer McClure’s Pickles has released McClure’s Pickle Snack Packs, a line of bite-sized, packaged pickles. These pickles come in Dill, Sweet & Spicy and Spicy flavors, all of which come in 2.2-ounce packages for a suggested retail price of $2.79.

Photograph courtesy of McClure’s Pickles