The 4 Top-Selling New Products of Q3 2018

1. Reese’s Outrageous

hershey reeses outrageous

The Hershey Co.

The Reese’s Outrageous bar is coated in milk chocolate and filled with caramel, peanut butter and mini Reese’s Pieces candy. The bar comes in standard and king sizes, with the latter being the top-selling convenience product in the third quarter.

Source: McLane Co. | Isolated as top consumer velocity items

Photograph courtesy of The Hershey Co.

2. Bigs Taco Supreme Sunflower Seeds

bigs taco supreme sunflower seeds

Conagra Brands

This variety combines Bigs’ fire-roasted, U.S.-grown sun­flower seeds with the spicy taco flavor and signature crunch associated with the Taco Bell restaurant chain. Bigs Taco Supreme Sunflower Seeds debuted in April and come in a 5.35-ounce bag.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

3. Swisher Sweets Swerve

swisher sweets swerve

Swisher International Inc.

A limited-edition flavor, Swisher Sweets Swerve cigarillos have an ideal blend of sweet and tart with strawberry and margarita flavor notes. With a “Sealed Fresh” guarantee, the variety comes in resealable two-count pouches in two for 99 cents (the third top-selling convenience product), save on two and two for $1.49 formats.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

4. Airheads Gummies

airheads gummies

Perfetti Van Melle Usa Inc.

Airheads Gummies come in fun shapes, such as mustaches, hats, bowties and glasses, and classic Airheads flavors, including blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, orange, green apple and strawberry. The variety comes in 3.8-ounce and 6-ounce bags.

Photograph courtesy of Perfetti Van Melle Usa Inc.