Check Out Amazon Go’s Private-Label Products

amazon go chicago

The products inside Chicago’s new Amazon Go are ubiquitous in most convenience stores: snacks, candy, prepared foods, over-the-counter medicine and more. But what Seattle-based Amazon’s new 2,000-square-foot c-store offers—besides the promise of never waiting in checkout lines—is a variety of its own branded products. And with private label booming—the category accounts for $146 billion in purchases today, which equates to 20% of total annual spending, according to Teresa Voelter, product director for Temple, Texas-based McLane Co.—more proprietary brands could arrive in Amazon Go stores.

Here are five private-label items from Amazon Go’s fourth unit in Chicago …

Photography by CSP

1. Sea Salt chocolate bar

amazon go theo sea salt chocolate bar

Amazon Go’s chocolate bar is made with 70% dark chocolate. The rectangular 3-ounce bar comes in a beige and orange wrapping that is peppered with various patterns and resembles the packaging of Hershey’s Dagoba chocolate bars. Amazon Go’s Sea Salt chocolate bar is organic, fair trade, soy free, non-GMO and vegan.

2. Vegetarian and vegan salads

amazon go egg salad cauli miso salad

The Amazon Go store offers vegetarian and vegan salads in 6.6-ounce containers, ideal for consumers looking for a quick and healthy snack or lunch. The products come in two varieties: Vegetarian Egg Salad and Vegan Cauli Miso. The first is a cage-free egg salad mixed with spinach and “everything spices,” while the latter contains roasted cauliflower, greens, quinoa and miso carrots.

3. 'The Go' salad

amazon go the go salad vegetarian and vegan

Unlike the other salads, Amazon’s “The Go” salad comes in 8-ounce containers and resembles a meal more than a snack. The vegetarian concoction contains crumbled goat cheese, chopped dates, roasted pumpkin seeds and a Heritage blend apple cider vinegar.

4. Meal kits

amazon go orzo risotto and five spice chicken meal kits

Look no further than Amazon Go for a take-home dinner. Prepared fresh every day in the company’s off-site kitchen, Amazon’s meal kits are sold in 2-pound boxes and contain enough food to feed two people. They can be prepared in a half-hour. The various meals include Falafel Patties with tomato and sumac salad, Orzo Risotto with pork, feta and ruby chard, and Five-Spice chicken with sesame-hoisin lo mein noodles.

5. Souvenirs

amazon go just walk out coffee cup

Edible products weren’t the only proprietary items seen at Amazon Go. The chain also sells Amazon-branded coffee mugs and stainless-steel water bottles. The ceramic mugs have the chain’s “just walk out shopping” mantra on them.