Cover Story: New Year, New You (Infographics)

Data-driven resolutions for stronger, leaner, more profitable stores in 2015

Meet New People

Of all the categories in your store, tobacco and alcohol beverages are arguably the most important. Tobacco, we know, controls the largest share of in-store sales and is found in a great number of market baskets. Alcohol, meanwhile, is responsible for some of the highest market-basket rings—and with those purchases come solid sales from other categories, too. So it’s time you better know these very valuable customers through sales data that’s teeming with ideas to sell them even more.

The Tobacco Buyer

Average cigarette basket ring: $12.79 (vs. $6.75 for an average transaction).

Average e-cig basket ring: $18.46.

  • The e-cig basket ring is the second largest in the store, second only to wine.
  • E-cig shoppers on average spend $3.46 per transaction on other categories.
  • The e-cig category saw the greatest increase in dollar sales in the year ending June 2014.

Top products most often purchased with:

  • Premium cigarettes: carbonated soft drinks (CSDs), alternative packaged beverages.
  • Discount cigarettes: CSDs, premium cigarettes.
  • E-cigs: premium cigarettes, CSDs.
  • Smokeless: CSDs, bottled water.
  • Cigars: CSDs, premium cigarettes.

Fast facts:

  • In 88% of e-cig transactions, the e-cig is the only nicotine item bought.
  • OTP is one of the lowest basket rings on average. Knowing smokeless is most often purchased with CSDs and bottled water, what can you do to boost those sales?
  • While premium-cigarette shoppers do not typically buy budget brands, budget shoppers will sometimes buy premium cigarettes. How might that influence merchandising?

The Alcohol-Beverage Buyer

Average wine basket ring: $18.62 (vs. $6.75 for an average transaction).

Average liquor basket ring: $15.89.

Average beer basket ring: $13.20.

Twenty percent of c-store transactions contain three or more items. That percent increases considerably for alcohol-beverage shoppers:

  • ­Liquor transactions with three or more items: 34%.
  • Wine transactions with three or more items: 33%.
  • Microbrew/craft-beer transactions with three or more items: 31%.

Top products most often purchased with:

  • Beer: premium cigarettes, CSDs.
  • Wine: premium cigarettes, domestic beer.
  • Liquor: CSDs, domestic beer.

Fast facts:

  • Eighty-two percent of wine purchases consist of just one bottle. What's the opportunity for a promotion on two?
  • Top-selling wine price point: $10 to $12.50.
  • Microbrew/craft-beer shoppers spend $6.38 on other products—nearly as much as an average c-store transaction.
  • The average microbrew transaction is $10.43, making for a handsome $16.81 ring.