MILKY WAY Brand French Vanilla and Caramel Bar

milky way french vanilla and caramel bar
Limited Edition candy bar from Milky Way

Get ready to experience an exciting, new limited-edition flavor from MILKY WAY® Brand. MILKY WAY® Brand French Vanilla and Caramel Bar combines caramel, French vanilla-flavored nougat and milk chocolate for a rich, smooth and creamy taste sensation consumers will love.

This new offering expands the brand’s reach and entices consumers to experience an exciting new flavor from a brand they already know and enjoy. The introduction of MILKY WAY® Brand French Vanilla and Caramel Bar is supported by public relations and a digital/social media campaign on Facebook. A variety of eye-catching displays will attract consumers and drive sales for retailers.

MILKY WAY® Brand French Vanilla and Carmel Bar is the brand’s first new flavor offering since the wildly successful launch of MILKY WAY® Brand Simply Caramel Bar three years ago, and sales remain strong. 

Research shows that consumers are willing to try new flavors from brands they already know, and in testing, 70 percent of consumers said they would definitely or probably purchase MILKY WAY® Brand French Vanilla and Caramel Bar.1 This new offering leverages the strength of the caramel segment, which is 16 percent of the chocolate category,2 and capitalizes on the vanilla trend and helps grow the vanilla flavor segment, which is outpacing growth in all major categories.3

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MARS Chocolate North America

Headquartered in Mount Olive, New Jersey, U.S., Mars Chocolate is one of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers and employs more than 16,000 Associates across 21 countries. Twenty-nine brands in total, including five billion-dollar global brands - M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, DOVE®/GALAXY®, MARS®/MILKY WAY®and TWIX®. Other leading brands include: 3 MUSKETEERS®, BALISTO®, BOUNTY®, MALTESERS® and REVELS®.

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