Wrigley Marvel in-store promotion

Wrigley Marvel Promotion
In-store promotion
The promotion asks consumers to choose sides in an “original versus sours” faceoff like Iron Man or Captain America.

Wrigley’s latest in-store promotion in partnership with Marvel features an “Original versus Sours” question that encourages consumers to choose sides with Iron Man or Captain America before they face off in Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War,” opening in theaters on May 6. The program will run through July 31. It features cross-brand portfolio activation with both gum and confections and includes Original and Sour flavor varieties across several brands, including Skittles, Starburst, Juicy Fruit, Orbit and Eclipse. It’s also supported with a 360-activation consisting of advertising, social media, unique displays, shopper marketing support and a custom microsite (orginalorsour.com).

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