The Convenience Store Products Hot 100: Nos. 30-21

Revealing Nos. 30-21 in our inaugural list of retailer-requested products

OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill. -- 8,706. That’s the number of retailer requests we received for product information from Convenience Store Products so far this year, as well as from the Product Watch section of CSP. Those nearly 9,000 requests on well over 500 products are the foundation of the inaugural Convenience Store Products Hot 100.

The list comes from the individual products featured in advertisements and editorial for the first two issues of the year (the August/September issue will be tabulated in the 2014 Hot 100) and the editorial Product Watch section in the first eight issues of the year of sister publication CSP

We’ll be revealing the entire Hot 100 in the October/November issue of Convenience Store Products. Until then, we're counting them down, 10 by 10, every Tuesday and Thursday in the Convenience Store Products E-newsletter.

We'll hit the Top 10 Nov. 19. For now, here are Nos. 30 to 21

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Wrigley Orbit

30. Orbit Bubblemint On-the-Go Bottle, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. The latest flavor to join the line of 32-piece On-The-Go Bottles, which include 5 Cobalt, 5 Rain, Orbit Spearmint and Orbit Wintermint. The bottle-style packaging enables consumers to keep larger amounts of gum in tow and to share with others.

Sunny Sky Products

29. Sugar-Free and Lite Frozen Carbonated Beverages, Sunny Sky Products. Sugar-Free and Lite options deliver 80% profit margin to retailers, according to the company. The manufacturer also provides fountain beverages made with pure cane sugar, flavor shots, dispensed smoothies and more.

Procter & Gamble Pepto Bismol to go

28. Pepto-Bismol To-Go, Procter & Gamble. The new portable package is easy to carry and designed for on-the-go use. The product is available in cherry-flavored tablets and packaged in a 12-count vial.

Old Wisconsin Snack Sticks

27. Smoked Meat Snacks, Old Wisconsin. The Snack Sticks lineup features varieties smoked slowly over a real hardwood fire, and feature 1.5-ounce Hot Habanero and Original Snack Sticks, a 2.5-ounce Original Twin Stick, and 2.5- and 1-ounce Turkey & Cheddar Smoke Stacks.

General Mills Green Giant Chips

26. Green Giant Chips, General Mills. Perhaps the most intriguing story from the Hot 100, Green Giant Chips aren’t even available to c-stores. At times, Convenience Store Products includes products that aren’t yet distributed to the channel but reflect important consumer and CPG trends. This interest shows the overall growth in better-for- you brands in the snack aisle. Expanding to the snack aisle, Green Giant rolled out Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips and Sweet Potato Multigrain Chips this year.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Ten

25. Ten Lineup, Dr Pepper Snapple Group. The 10-calorie formulations of six of the manufacturer’s biggest soda brands include 7-Up, A&W Root Beer, Canada Dry, RC, Dr Pepper and Sunkist.

Baker's Pride Packaged Doughnuts

24. Packaged Doughnuts, Baker's Pride. Blast-freezer production enables the manufacturer to produce mass quantities of doughnuts with consistency, product integrity and cost effectiveness. The baked goods are held at –10 degrees Fahrenheit to lock in freshness.

Mrs. Freshley's Dreamies

23. Dreamies, Mrs. Freshley's/Flowers Foods. Mrs. Freshley’s rolled out new branding with a bright, modern design that complements a new logo unveiled earlier this year. It also launched a chocolate version of its Dreamies creme-filled cakes.

Combos Single Serve Pack

22. Combos Single-Serve Pack, Mars Chocolate North America. Launching last July, the single-serve varieties, available in easy-to-merchandise, shelf-ready cartons, feature all seven flavors in the line including the recently released 7 Layer Dip Tortilla.

Hershey's Bliss

21. Bliss Chocolates, The Hershey Co. Formulated using West African Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa to support the farmers and their communities, Bliss has strong sustainability standards and five flavors including Creme de Menthe Meltaway and White Chocolate Meltaway.