The Burly Recycle Bin

The Burly Recycle Bin
Spot-on recycle bin that promotes eco-friendly actions in your facilities for a better environment.

New, strong and efficient, The Burly Recycle Bin makes a bold statement at any site because of its sharp and ergonomic design. It is best in its class for high traffic areas and it has a 50 gallon capacity that requires emptying less often.  

This superb recycle bin is made of sturdy plastic material to resist  impact and withstand weather conditions when placed outdoors. The Burly is easy to spot and accessible on four sides to encourage users to dispose of recycle waste with ease and convenience. Its aesthetic appeal makes it most suitable for any indoor or outdoor environment that requires an attractive, functional and high-quality product to support eco-friendly initiatives.  

This unit requires minimum labor for installation and maintenance while providing excellent utility and longevity. It is offered in green and blue colors and with a variety of labels (glass, paper, plastic) as well as custom colors and prints to meet your facility’s recycling needs.  

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Forte Products

Forte Products is a leading USA manufacturer of practical and efficient fixtures for the C-store industry and many other retail markets. Customers benefit from the effortless and straightforward use of our products to assist them in running their operations smoothly and with the confidence of knowing that they will always receive first class service and the Forte Products’ promise of quality and great value.

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