Cover Story: 2015 Mystery Shop Data

C-stores bring it! Embrace of foodservice sends scores soaring

Exterior Cleanliness

CHET CADIEUX, QuikTrip: “There are positive or negative merchandise or food cues all over the place, whether it’s inside or outside. It’s faulty to suggest that the outside doesn’t matter just because the food isn’t out there.”


Were the pump island and its pumps clean?

Kwik Trip 97.1%
QuikTrip 97.1%
Cumberland Farms 94.3%
RaceTrac 94.3%
Cenex Zip Trip 92.1%


Was the pump island properly supplied?

QuikTrip 100%
RaceTrac 97.1%
Cenex Zip Trip 95.2%
Chevron 91.3%
QuickChek 87.9%


Was the parking lot and store entrance free of garbage and debris?

Kwik Trip 97.1%
Maverik 95.7%
Cenex Zip Trip 95.2%
Chevron 93.3%
QuikTrip 93.2%