Cover Story: 2015 Mystery Shop Data

C-stores bring it! Embrace of foodservice sends scores soaring

Dairy Cooler

IAN JOHNSTONE, Cenex Zip Trip: “What’s the hardest part of the store to keep clean? Absolutely stocking the coolers and keeping them organized. When you talk about everything that goes into our stores, there are so many products coming out, so much pressure from vendors. Do we have these products represented?”

Was the dairy cooler clean?

Kwik Trip 99.0%
Chevron 98.9%
Cumberland Farms 97.1%
QuikTrip 97.1%
Cenex Zip Trip 96.8%


Were the products in the dairy cooler within their expiration date?

QuickChek 96.7%
Kwik Trip 96.2%
QuikTrip 96.1%
Cumberland Farms 93.3%
Mapco 92.5%


Was the temperature within the range of 32º F to 41º F (0º C to 5º C)?

Kwik Trip 100%
Cenex Zip Trip 98.4%
Cumberland Farms 95.2%
Maverik 91.3%
QuikTrip 91.3%