Cover Story: 2015 Mystery Shop Data

C-stores bring it! Embrace of foodservice sends scores soaring


ASHLEIGH WOMACK, RaceTrac: “RaceTrac’s coffee equipment has timers and gauges that help our associates monitor the freshness and amount of coffee in each urn. This allows us to provide a quality full-service coffee offering to our guests.”

Was the coffee area clean?

QuikTrip 99.0%
Cenex Zip Trip 98.4%
Chevron 98.1%
Kwik Trip 98.1%
RaceTrac 95.2%


Was all coffee equipment operational?

7-Eleven/Alon 100%
Cenex Zip Trip 100%
Maverik 100%
QuickChek 100%
Chevron 99.0%


BEN WILSON, regional retail operations manager, Kwik Trip: “This is one of those environments where we constantly have to check everything because it takes one guest to do something to make a huge impact. The coffee bar is constant because of the volume we do there. The condiment bar is constant because we sell a lot of food. As soon as it gets messy, it’s a huge turnoff.”

Did the location have a working thermometer to test the temperature of the coffee?

RaceTrac 99.0%
Kwik Trip 94.3%
QuickChek 91.2%
Cumberland Farms 83.8%
QuikTrip 81.6%