Cover Story: 2015 Mystery Shop Data

C-stores bring it! Embrace of foodservice sends scores soaring

Sandwich Cooler

JAMES HILL, customer experience manager, Cumberland Farms: “It is important to not only offer a wide variety of foodservice items, but to also make certain that the product and the equipment that the product is being displayed in are appealing. As consumers ourselves, each of us knows that we shop with our eyes; eye appeal is buy appeal.”

Did the sandwiches have expiration/made-on dates?

Kwik Trip 100%
QuikTrip 100%
RaceTrac 98.1%
QuickChek 97.7%
Cumberland Farms 97.1%


Were the sandwiches within their expiration date?

Kwik Trip 99.0%
QuikTrip 99.0%
RaceTrac 99.0%
Maverik 97.3%
QuickChek 96.5%


Did the sandwiches look appealing (fresh and attractively presented)?

Cumberland Farms 100%
QuikTrip 100%
RaceTrac 100%
Kwik Trip 99.0%
QuickChek 98.9%


Was the temperature in the sandwich cooler/bunker within the range of 32º F to 41º F (0º C to 5º C)?

Cenex Zip Trip 98.4%
Cumberland Farms 95.2%
Chevron 90.5%
RaceTrac 88.6%
Maverik 84.8%