Hatco Decorative Lamps

hatco lamps
Foodservice lamps
For pick-up stations and buffet lines, lamps feature elegant shades to enhance decor
Hatco Decorative Lamps have two-fold benefits of food warming and an attractive presentation for foodservice programs. Retailers can select from a host of elegant shades, colors and flexible mounting and switch alternatives. Units are applicable for operators equipping pick-up stations and buffet lines or attempting to create a unique look of their own. Luminaire Decorative Lamps light kitchen work areas or customer serving point, while enhancing décor, according to the manufacturer. 
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Hatco Corp.

Hatco Corporation is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based, employee-owned company with a history of 65 years of excellence in the quality design, production and servicing of holding and warming equipment. In 2009, Hatco introduced its Refrigerated Drop-In Well, bringing the same Hatco quality and excellence to the cooling side of its foodservice product line.


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