7 Foodservice Equipment Innovations

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As retailers deal with the coronavirus pandemic, many convenience-store chains have removed self-serve food options and are rethinking their foodservice offers.

To assist, equipment manufacturers have introduced an array of new foodservice innovations to facilitate a move toward full-service formats.

Click through for a look at several new foodservice equipment rollouts that have launched over the past several months to support c-stores.

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Vector F Series of Multi-Cook Ovens

Alto-Shaam launched a new version of its Vector F Series of Multi-Cook Ovens with a new design, advanced user-friendly interface and ability to stack with a Combitherm oven to provide value from a single, vertical cooking footprint, the company said. Capable of cooking a wide variety of food, the Vector F model is specifically designed for high-volume operations. Featuring three or four independent ovens in one, operators can control temperature, fan speed and cook time in each individual oven chamber and simultaneously cook a variety of menu items with no flavor transfer.

Photograph courtesy of Alto-Shaam

Rational USA


New to North America and available from manufacturer dealers, the iVario product line from Rational USA offers faster cooking times, flexibility and precision, according to the company. iVario products learn cooking patterns, alert operators when items need attention and adjust cooking paths to achieve results, the company said. An intuitive screen display allows kitchen staff at any level to easily boil, simmer, saute, braise, pan fry and deep fry at the press of a button.

Photograph courtesy of Rational USA

Rational USA

 iCombi Pro line

Also from Rational USA, the iCombi Pro line of next-generation combi ovens offers higher productivity, shorter cooking times and lower energy consumption, with nearly 95% of line redesigned, reengineered and reprogrammed, the company said. The iCombi Pro indicates which foods can be prepared together, and it alerts operators when to load and take out each food item to align with the production plan. It comes equipped with a 12-minute interim cleaning cycle to ensure minimal downtime. 

Photograph courtesy of Rational USA

Vollrath Co.

The Vollrath Co.

The Vollrath Co. LLC expanded its transport dolly to include new flatbed utility dollies. American-made with impact-resistant plastic, flatbed utility dollies allow operators to easily move up to 350 pounds over any type of interior surfaces or rough exterior terrains. A recessed top surface helps secure the load and reduce shifting during transport, providing a safe and convenient solution to transport food carriers, delivery bags, pizza dough boxes and more. Dollies are available with pneumatic wheels or casters, depending on different surfaces used. Each dolly features a storage pocket for the heavy-duty straps, which are standard with each dolly.

Photograph courtesy of Vollrath Co.

Hobart Corp.

 CLeN Conveyor Dishwashers

Hobart Corp. has introduced a line extension of its CLeN Conveyor Dishwashers for operators seeking optimized rack conveyor performance in environments that require ventless operation. Using Hobart’s Ventless Energy Recovery, the new ventless models repurpose hot steam from within the unit to preheat incoming cold water for the final rinse, reducing energy and costs. The design also repurposes heat to the wash tank. 

Photograph courtesy of Hobart Corp.


Cook & Hold Ovens with Halo Heat

Alto-Shaam debuted its original Cook & Hold Ovens with Halo Heat technology that feature a new design and advanced user-friendly controls. Easy to operate, ovens are designed with intuitive one-touch cooking and require little or no operator training, the company said. Ovens can also be managed remotely through Alto-Shaam’s cloud-based remote oven management system, ChefLinc, that’s equipped with an intuitive dashboard to allow operators to seamlessly create, manage and distribute recipes to ovens in multiple locations through the cloud.

Photograph courtesy of Alto-Shaam


AyrKing’s BBS Flex

AyrKing’s BBS Flex is a series of breader blender sifters that join the manufacturer’s line of auto sifters for freshly blended breadings. The BBS Flex is purpose-built to easily add, remove or reconfigure components and accessories on site and from shift to shift. A modular design enables the unit to meet varying needs of foodservice operations seeking flavor consistency, as it reduces hand-sifting time by up to 80% when preparing fried foods. The BBS Flex lineup has 18 models to meet operators’ workflow needs.

Photograph courtesy of AyrKing