Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Ovens

Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Ovens
Foodservice equipment
Cook & Hold Ovens now come with Halo Heat technology.

Alto-Shaam is launching its newest version of its original Cook & Hold Ovens. Now with Halo Heat technology, the ovens feature a new design and advanced user-friendly controls. The ovens are designed with intuitive one-touch cooking and can be managed remotely through Alto-Shaam’s cloud-based remote oven management system, ChefLinc, which has an intuitive dashboard to allow operators to create, manage and distribute recipes to ovens in multiple locations through the cloud. 

Company details
Alto-Shaam Inc.

Alto-Shaam is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of quality combi ovens, low-temperature cook and hold ovens, hi-speed ovens, hot food holding cabinets, and other equipment for the commercial foodservice industry.

Along with the corporate office and factory facilities in Wisconsin, Alto-Shaam has offices in Canada, China, France, Germany, Russia and Dubai. Alto-Shaam also has more than 60 demo kitchens.

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