Chill-X Frozen Beverage Machine

curtis chillx frozen beverage machine
Frozen beverage equipment
Unit has a self-refill function and built-in defrost cycle.

The Chill-X Frozen Beverage Machine is designed with a self-refill function that saves operators time and labor. Its other features include digital temperature controls, which expand offerings to include dairy-based drinks; standby mode to keep product fresh overnight; and a built-in defrost cycle that saves energy when the dispenser isn’t being used. The unit is easy to use and clean, and can be used for frozen fruit beverages, gourmet tea slushies and icy hot chocolate.

Company details
Wilbur Curtis

Wilbur Curtis Co. Inc. had its beginnings in 1941 as a small, family-owned coffee equipment company located in Los Angeles. The company was dedicated to family values, personal loyalty and quality workmanship. Since its inception, Wilbur Curtis Co. has flourished into an internationally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of premium commercial coffee and tea brewing systems, and specialty drink dispensers for convenience stores and foodservice operations.

Curtis offers a wide variety of innovative equipment for the convenience-store industry, each designed to deliver the consistant, flavorful beverages consumers demand, while offering tremendous ease of operation, minimal maintenance and reduced waste.

With over 75 years of experience, Curtis can help operators in ways few others can—not just in terms of equipment, but through insights on how to run a more enticing, profitable and trouble-free beverage program.

Wilbur Curtis
6913 Acco Street
Montebello, CA 90640
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