Convenience Store Products' 2019 Hot 100

This year’s Hot 100 has one key differentiator: cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp products. While these products represent only a sliver of the most clicked products on CStoreProducts from Oct. 1, 2018, to Oct. 1, 2019, it reinforces how much intrigue there is behind this budding category.

The 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp with a tetrahydrocannabinol level of 0.3% or less, helped to push these products into the mainstream. Consumers have jumped on the trend for the reported health benefits, such as reducing pain and inflammation, improving sleep and reducing anxiety. Meanwhile, c-store operators have been more reluctant, largely because of yet-to-be-determined product regulations. But those that have added hemp and CBD products to their store mix are viewing it as new sales opportunity.

While all major categories are represented in the Hot 100, the list is largely composed of tobacco and foodservice products—two of the largest categories for c-stores in terms of sales. Cigarettes and other tobacco products made up 37.7% of in-store sales in 2018, while foodservice made up 22.6%, according to NACS State of the Industry data. Which brings us to the No. 1 most clicked product of the past year. It falls into either the foodservice or the tobacco category, but what will it be?

Illustration by Doug Chayka

100. Xyience Wild Grape and Fuji Apple


Xyience, which produces zero-calorie, zero-sugar energy drinks made with all-natural flavors and colors, rolled out two new flavors: Wild Grape and Fuji Apple.

Photograph courtesy of Xyience

99. Nitro Infuser

Catering to an emerging trend in cold coffee, the Nitro Infuser from Wilbur Curtis is a versatile stainless steel component that makes it easier for operators such as c-stores to add a creamy, stoutlike effect to a wide variety of drink items, the company says. It fits all kegerators, with no additional regulators or pumps required. Operators just need bottled nitrogen and a tap system for the unit.

Photograph courtesy of Wilbur Curtis

98. OCB Organic Hemp

With consumers seeking more organic products, OCB Organic Hemp cigarette paper from Republic Group is chlorine-free and 100% organic with 100% natural Arabic gum. The paper is ultrathin, providing smokers with a slower-burning, full-bodied cigarette emitting minimal ash.

Photograph courtesy of Republic Group

97. Schaerer Coffee Art C

Schaerer USA’s Coffee Art C platform can brew freshly ground hot or iced black coffee. The machine uses pressure brewing, which results in a fuller flavor vs. brewing with paper filters, the company says.

Photograph courtesy of Schaerer USA

96. Ooey Gooey Butter Cakes

Available in Original, Lemon and Cinnamon flavors, individually wrapped 2-ounce Ooey Gooey Butter Cakes from Prairie City Bakery are a two-layer treat. The bottom layer consists of a buttery yellow cake, and the top layer is a rich, flaky mixture of cream cheese, sugar and egg.

Photograph courtesy of Prairie City Bakery

95. Zapp’s Mardi Gras-themed potato chips

Zapp’s from Utz Quality Foods offered a limited-time only Mardi Gras-themed bag for its Spicy Cajun Crawtators potato chips. The bag features a Mardi Gras mask and beads. Other Cajun-style flavors include Voodoo and Hotter’n Hot Jalapeno.

Photograph courtesy of Utz Quality Foods

94. Mrs. Freshley’s Brownie Made With Oreo Cookie Pieces

Mrs. Freshley’s from Flowers Foods teamed up with Oreo to create its Brownie Made With Oreo Cookie Pieces, a chocolatey treat with layers of moist fudge brownie and Oreo cookies.

Photograph courtesy of Flowers Foods

93. LED illuminated headers

ImageWorks Display & Marketing Group added LED Illuminated Headers to its tobacco displays, replacing traditional fluorescent illumination.

Photograph courtesy of ImageWorks Display & Marketing Group

92. Jack Link’s Snack Bowls

From Golden West Food Group, Jack Link’s Snack Bowls are grab-and-go, heat-and-eat entrees that are high in protein. They are ready to eat after one minute in the microwave and come in Teriyaki Chicken, Cheeseburger, Nacho Chicken and Pork With BBQ Sauce, as well as two breakfast varieties, Eggs, Potatoes & Cheesy Sausage Sauce and Eggs, Potatoes & Cheesy Bacon Sauce.

Photograph courtesy of Golden West Food Group

91. Outlaw Energy Plus Electrolytes

Packed with electrolytes, B vitamins and natural caffeine, Outlaw Energy Plus Electrolytes energy drinks from Outlaw Beverage come in Fruit Punch, Passion Fruit and Peach Mango flavors. A zero-calorie line is also available in Fresh Zero, Passion Fruit Zero and Peach Mango Zero flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Outlaw Beverage Inc.

90. Pan-Oston tobacco displays

Pan-Oston offers a full line of tobacco merchandisers available in a variety of sizes to fit individual operator needs. Retailers can select lighted signs and other signage options, as well as their own shelving and drawer configuration.

Photograph courtesy of Pan-Oston

89. 3T Organic Rechargeable Heat Not Burn e-cigarette

The 3T Organic Rechargeable Heat Not Burn device is the only electronic nicotine delivery system with USDA-certified organic ingredients, according to Vapor Tobacco Manufacturing. The nicotine and patented tobacco flavoring is extracted from organic tobacco leaf. It is available in Red, Gold and Menthol.

Photograph courtesy of Vapor Tobacco Manufacturing

88. Swisher Sweets Wild Rush

Smokers can experience the flavorful blend of sweet fruits and watermelon with the Swisher Sweets Wild Rush limited-edition cigarillo from Swisher International. Swisher Sweets Wild Rush comes in a resealable two-count pouch with a “Sealed Fresh” guarantee.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

87. Haus Craft Collection

Available exclusively through McLane Co., Mistic E Cigs' Craft Collection e-juices were inspired by top-selling flavors such as Moon Milk (creamy tones of vanilla, caramel and coconut), Cloud Punch (a fruity, creamy berry flavor with hints of raspberry and blueberry) and Sweet Voo-Dew (juicy cantaloupe, watermelon and tropical melon with subtle honey undertones).

Photograph courtesy of Mistic E Cigs

86. SlimFast Keto bars and snacks

The SlimFast Keto line includes meal-replacement bars and snacks built around the keto diet. The Meal Bars come in Whipped Peanut Butter and Whipped Triple Chocolate flavors and the Fat Bomb snacks come in a Peanut Butter Cup flavor.

Photograph courtesy of SlimFast

85. Swisher Sweets Coco Blue

Swisher International offered Swisher Sweets Coco Blue as a limited-time addition to its Swisher Sweets cigar lineup. The product featured tangy blueberry and creamy coconut flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

84. White Owl Summer Sampler Cigarillos

White Owl’s limited-time Summer Sampler from Swedish Match North America gave adult consumers a variety of fruit-flavored cigars for summer. The Summer Sampler package contained three individually wrapped cigars in Blue Raspberry, White Peach and White Grape flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Swedish Match North America

83. 5 Gum Truth or Dare

5 Gum from Mars Wrigley Confectionery introduced a 99-cent eight-stick pack. Truth questions and dares are printed on the gum wrappers. Flavors include Cool Mint Vortex, Cool Berry Beta and Smooth Mint Nexus.

Photograph courtesy of Mars Wrigley Confectionery

82. Stock candy racks

Applied Merchandising Concepts offers stock 3-foot and 4-foot metal candy racks, which are primarily used in c-stores. A new universal light kit that fits both racks illuminates the shelves and enhances product visibility.

Photograph courtesy of Applied Merchandising Concepts

81. Heineken aluminum bottles

Heineken USA released its beer in limited-edition aluminum bottles in four locations: New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Hawaii. The bottles’ design pays homage to the culture and geography of each location; it also features Heineken’s red star and signature green color.

Photograph courtesy of Heineken USA

80. Refrasia

Bevolution Group’s Refrasia brand consists of six beverage types: juice products, lemonades, teas, sports and energy drinks, enhanced waters and thickened water. Refrasia lemonades are made using lemon juice concentrate from fruits sourced from Argentina and come in raspberry, strawberry and sugar-free options. The caffeine-free Refrasia tea line features a blend of black tea from India and Sri Lanka.

Photograph courtesy of Bevolution Group

79. Ring Pop Gummy Gems and Baby Bottle Pop Gummy Blast

Bazooka Candy Brands' Ring Pop Gummy Gems bring the Ring Pop-inspired shape to a 3D gummy form. Each gem has a sweet gummy outside and a splash of sour, juicy gel on the inside. Baby Bottle Pop Gummy Blast features a dual compartment with 10 Baby Bottle Pop-shaped 3D gummies on one side and fizzing powder on the other.

Photograph courtesy of Bazooka Candy Brands

78. Bear Naked Chunky Almond Butter Bars

With protein derived from nuts and nut butters as the first ingredient, Kellogg's Bear Naked Almond Butter Bars deliver 9 to 10 grams of protein and 11 or fewer grams of sugar per bar. The bars are Non-GMO Project verified, gluten-free and made with simple ingredients, including fair-trade chocolate. They come in Chocolate Chip Banana and Dark Chocolate Mocha flavors.

Photograph courtesy of The Kellogg Co.

77. Zevia Organic Tea

Zevia Organic Tea is a line of eight ready-to-drink teas that are naturally sweetened with stevia. The noncarbonated, non-GMO beverages are brewed with fair trade-certified tea and contain no calories or sugar. Flavors include Black Tea, Green Tea, Peach and Raspberry. Two caffeine-free options are also available.

Photograph courtesy of Zevia

76. Yonale Birch Water

Yonale Birch Water contains a single natural ingredient—fresh birch water—offering consumers a clean, sustainably sourced plant-based beverage, the company says. It contains 3 grams of sugar as well as high levels of manganese, a mineral known to help support blood sugar regulation and bone structure, the company says. Yonale Birch Water comes in Tetra Paks in Original and Bilberry flavors for an SRP of $2.99.

Photograph courtesy of Yonale

75. GoodBelly Probiotic Bar

General Mills' GoodBelly, maker of probiotic products, has introduced Probiotic Bars. The crunchy bars contain 1 billion BB-12 probiotics, according to the company. The bars come in two flavors: Honey Almond Butter and Cocoa Peanut Butter. The bars require no refrigeration and are non-GMO and gluten-free.

Photograph courtesy of General Mills

74. Jolly Rancher Dispensed Beverages

Sunny Sky Products was awarded the license agreement to produce, package, sell and distribute Jolly Rancher branded products. The products include concentrated flavor mixes and ready-to-use flavor mixes for frozen carbonated and noncarbonated frozen beverages in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Sunny Sky Products will offer Jolly Rancher frozen carbonated beverages, frozen uncarbonated beverages and flavor shots. The launch included a variety of Jolly Rancher flavor favorites, including apple, blue raspberry, cherry and watermelon.

Photograph courtesy of Sunny Sky Products

73. Honest Marijuana cannabis

Honest Marijuana is a legal cannabis company in Colorado that makes organically grown cannabis products. The company packages its cannabis in food-grade metal cans that are hermetically sealed to product the product from oxygen. The metal cans ensure maximum freshness and are more environmentally friendly than plastic, according to the manufacturer.

Photograph courtesy of Honest Marijuana

72. Joia Spirit Craft Cocktails

Joia Spirit Craft Cocktails from Prestige Beverage Group are all-natural vodka cocktails with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. The gluten-free and vegan adult beverages are available in three flavors: Sparkling Greyhound, Sparkling Moscow Mule and Sparkling Cosmopolitan.

Photograph courtesy of Prestige Beverage Group

71. Gehl’s 2.0 Dispenser

With a sleek, energy-efficient design that delivers on-trend cheese sauce flavors, Gehl Foods' 2.0 advanced cheese sauce dispenser adds value and drives incremental sales for operators who can create new snacking combinations beyond nachos with flavors such as Smoky Bacon Cheddar, Queso Blanco, Taco and Triple Hot.

Photograph courtesy of Gehl Foods

70. Rhino Rush Energy Drink

Following the success of its energy shots, Rhino Rush is releasing Rhino Rush Energy Drinks in 16-ounce cans. Available in three flavors—Blue Raspberry, Grape and Kiwi Strawberry—the drinks have no sugar or calories. The ephedra-powered blend contains 100 milligrams of caffeine per serving (200 milligrams per can).

Photograph courtesy of Rhino Rush

69. Made by True Biltong

Biltong, a traditional South African-style of air-dried beef, is one of today’s hottest trends in jerky. Made by True’s offering is gluten-free and contains zero sugar and 16 grams of protein per serving. Flavors include Classic, Garlic Herb and Hint of Spice.

Photograph courtesy of Made by True

68. 4D Gummy Blocks

CandyRific’s 4D Gummy Blocks are interactive candy novelties that allow consumers to build them before eating. The gummies come in strawberry, lemon, blue raspberry and apple flavors.

Photograph courtesy of CandyRific

67. Ignite X Bo Vaping

Ignite has expanded its CBD portfolio with a line of products co-branded with premium e-cigarette provider Bo Vaping. The line includes a rechargeable vape pen system and Blood Orange and Tropical Fruit CBD pods. Each pod contains 1.5 mL of CBD oil derived from all-natural hemp. The pods have a THC level of 0%.

Photograph courtesy of Ignite

66 . Thunder Xtreme

In response to consumer demand for a strong snus option, Swedish Match North America launched Thunder Xtreme in three varieties, two flavors and two strengths. Consumers can choose from Original, Original Strong and Red Strong varieties, with both strong options 50% stronger than regular strength snus, the company says. The cans contain 24 1-gram pouches and a compartment for easy disposal.

Photograph courtesy of Swedish Match North America

65. BIC Special Edition Astrology Lighter Series

The designs in the BIC Special Edition Astrology Lighter Series feature 12 holographic images, each representing a different zodiac sign. Manufactured in the United States, the lighters carry an SRP of $1.89 per lighter.

Photograph courtesy of BIC USA

64. Skippy P.B. & Jelly Minis

Made with real Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter from Hormel Foods, Skippy P.B. & Jelly Minis are available in the frozen section in three options: grape jelly with white bread, strawberry jelly with white bread and grape jelly with whole-grain bread.

Photograph courtesy of Hormel Foods

63. Big AZ Kick AZ Croissant

Designed for heat seekers, Tyson’s Big AZ Kick AZ Croissant Sandwich is made with Sriracha-glazed sausage, juicy ham, scrambled eggs and Swiss and pepper jack cheeses on a buttery croissant. Each handcrafted sandwich contains 21 grams of protein per serving. It is wrapped in transparent packaging.

Photograph courtesy of Tyson

62. Game Leaf Black Cherry and Game Mango

Swedish Match North America added a limited-edition flavor, Black Cherry, to its Game Leaf lineup of natural rolled leaf cigars.

Photograph courtesy of Swedish Match North America

61. Gonnella’s Individually Wrapped Hot Dog Bun

Gonnella Baking Co.'s Individually Wrapped Hot Dog Buns are a fresh option for convenience stores, gas stations and foodservice establishments with a self-serve hot dog operation. Buns are designed to be displayed in their individual packages and are never touched by human hands until unwrapped by the consumer. Shipped frozen, the buns are removed from the freezer and thawed as needed. Upon thawing, they have a 12-day shelf life.

Photograph courtesy of Gonnella Baking Co.

60. Crocs Lighter disposable lighters

The Crocs Lighter line of lighters is made with a larger POM (polyoxymethlene) fuel tank and a preadjusted fixed flame, according to the company. Available in sparkwheel or electronic varieties, the lighters include merchandising display materials such as counter trays and a three-tier rack program.

Photograph courtesy of Crocs Lighter Inc.

59. Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup pouch

With a commitment to sustainability, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup pouch is BPA-free, weighing 85% less than the No. 10 can and taking up less room in the back of house. The Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup pouch is easy to use, with no can opener or spatula required. Operators need only to snip and pour or use the branded pump.

Photograph courtesy of The Hershey Co.

58. Eden Gourmet Syrups and Shakers

Sunny Sky Products has relaunched its Eden Gourmet syrups and shakers product line. Made with natural flavors and pure cane sugar, the syrups are available in seven classic flavors, eight fruit syrups and three functional ones, with the top-selling syrup and shakers being French Vanilla and Mini-Marshmallows.

Photograph courtesy of Sunny Sky Products

57. Hot Pockets Pizza Stix

With Hot Pockets Pizza Stix from Nestle USA, operators can provide customers an on-the-go snack or a quick heat-and-eat meal. Each crisp, crusty pizza stick is filled with pepperoni-flavored pizza topping, zesty tomato sauce and real cheese.

Photograph courtesy of Nestle USA

56. Night Owl Cigars

Sewdish Match North America's Night Owl tipped pipe tobacco cigars are available in four flavors: Classic, Wine, Tropical and Black Cherry.

Photograph courtesy of Swedish Match North America

55. Game Leaf

Swedish Match North America's Game Leaf is targeted to value-conscious rolled-leaf cigar smokers. Game Leaf is available in four flavors: Sweet Aromatic, Wild Berry, Natural and Cognac, and in two different price points: two for 99 cents and save on two FoilFresh pouch.

Photograph courtesy of Swedish Match North America

54. MinusCal energy bars

MinusCal is a protein bar crafted with choleve, an all-natural ingredient that blocks absorption of some calories from fat, the company says. The bars contain more than 9 grams of protein, 11 grams of fiber and 4 to 6 grams of sugar. They come in three flavors: Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon.

Photograph courtesy of MinusCal

53. Strawless Sipper Lid

To help operators comply with straw bans, Lollicup USA has launched the Strawless Sipper Lid. The lid has features that allow it be used with or without a straw. It is made from PET, which is easier to recycle than other plastics, the company says.

Photograph courtesy of Lollicup USA

52. Longhorn Moist Snuff Long Cut Wintergreen Chill and Peach

Long Cut Wintergreen Chill and Long Cut Peach round out the Longhorn Moist Snuff portfolio. Wintergreen Chill offers a clean, refreshing wintergreen flavor with an extra cooling kick, while Peach blends a rich tobacco flavor with ripe, juicy peaches for a sweet blend, Swedish Match North America says.

Photograph courtesy of Swedish Match North America

51. Sabra Pizza Hummus Singles

Sabra Dipping Co.’s Classic Hummus has been blended with fresh pizza-inspired flavors, including herbs and spices such as fresh basil and oregano to create Pizza Hummus Singles. The 2-ounce, single-serving containers are easy to slip in a lunch box or backpack and pair well with pita chips and vegetables, according to the company.

Photograph courtesy of Sabra Dipping Co.

50. Honeydrop Cold-Pressed CBD Lemonade

In partnership with Evo Hemp, Honeydrop Beverages has launched Honeydrop Cold-Pressed CBD Lemonade, which contains 20 milligrams of premium cannabidiol, a teaspoon of raw honey and 4 grams of sugar per bottle. Three varieties are available: Revive (Matcha), Relax (Lemon) and Rehab (Turmeric).

Photograph courtesy of Honeydrop Beverages

49. Magic Ring Filled Donuts

Magic Ring Filled Donuts from Baker Boy come in three flavors: Raspberry Jelly, Bavarian Creme and Chocolate & Bavarian Creme. The ring doughnuts come filled for operators to thaw and then frost.

Photograph courtesy of Baker Boy

48. Split nut butter and jelly pack

Split Nutrition combines nut butter and jam in a first-of-its-kind, side-by-side pack. The on-the-go, single-serve snack provides a quick meal of balanced proteins and carbohydrates. Split comes in four varieties: Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly, Almond Butter & Raspberry Spread, Peanut Butter & Blueberry Spread and Almond Butter & Strawberry Spread.

Photograph courtesy of Split Nutrition

47. Hillshire Farm Sausage Rolls

Designed for convenience retailers, Tyson's Hillshire Farm Sausage Rolls can be merchandised in a refrigerated case or heated and held for hot, to-go consumption. Varieties include CheddarWurst Wisconsin Cheese Smoked Sausage wrapped in bagel bread; Hot & Spicy Italian Style Smoked Sausage with pepper jack cheese and wrapped in Italian bread; and Polish Smoked Sausage wrapped in cheese bread.

Photograph courtesy of Tyson

46. Limited-edition Pax 3 and Pax Era

Pax Labs partnered with three San Francisco-based artists to produce limited-edition designs for the matte black Pax 3 and Pax Era devices. Muralist Apexer, designer and illustrator Jayde Fish and painter and printmaker Casey Gray have each created sketches that are laser-engraved onto the devices. The Pax 3 Complete Kit with engraving is available for an SRP of $269.99, while the device-only package is available for $219.99. The Pax Era is available for an SRP of $39.99.

Photograph courtesy of Pax Labs

45. Vuse Vibe

R.J. Reynolds Vapor has expanded distribution of its Vuse Vibe closed-tank system. Vuse features a longer-lasting, rechargeable battery, a prefilled 2-mL tank and USB charger.

Photograph courtesy of R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co.

44. Swisher Sweets Limited Edition Sweet Cream

One of several Swisher Sweets varieties to launch this past year, Limited Edition Sweet Cream cigarillos from Swisher International have a smooth cream and exotic vanilla taste, according to the company. The variety was available in a resealable two-count pouch with Swisher’s “Sealed Fresh” guarantee.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

43. Hemparette

Hemparette from Nin’ Sweet Life is regarded as the first smokable hemp. The hemp, which is organically grown in Colorado, is encased in a cigarette tube made from hemp and raw hemp wrappers. The brand’s Cherry Puff variety has a high CBD content of 10.25%. Hemperatte comes in singles for an SRP of $5.24 and packs of seven for an SRP of $29.40.

Photograph courtesy of Nin’ Sweet Life

42. Tipsy Tomato and Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary

Ennoble Beverages launched two all-natural, malt-based ready-to-drink bloody mary cocktails: Tipsy Tomato and Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary. Tipsy Tomato (5.5% ABV) combines California ripe tomatoes and Sriracha sauce with the natural flavors of celery, lime and lemon. It is available in a 16-ounce can for an SRP of $1.99 or a four-pack for $7.99. Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary combines Frank’s hot sauce with ingredients such as California ripe tomatoes, celery, lime juice, seasoning salt and Worcestershire sauce. It comes in a four-pack of 12-ounce glass bottles for an SRP of $8.99.

Photograph courtesy of Ennoble Beverages

41. Swisher Sweets Dulce de Leche

With a smooth, sweet, creamy taste, Swisher International's Swisher Sweets Dulce de Leche was the company’s first limited-edition cigarillo of 2019.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

40. Minh Egg Rolls

Schwan’s Food Service launched three new varieties of Minh egg rolls: Bacon, Egg & Cheese; Sausage, Egg & Cheese; and Teriyaki Chicken.

Photograph courtesy of Schwan’s Food Service

39. BIC Special Edition Music Legends Series lighters

Music lovers can pay homage to some of rock and roll’s most influential artists with the designs in BIC’s Special Edition Music Legends Series lighters. The lighters in this series feature images and logos honoring Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison of the Doors, Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band.

Photograph courtesy of BIC USA

38. El Monterey Empanadas

El Monterey Empanadas from Ruiz Foods are traditional Latin American cuisine, made with a light and flaky crust and filled with high-quality ingredients. El Monterey Empanadas flavors include Beef & Cheese; Chicken & Cheese; and Egg, Sausage, Cheese & Potato.

Photograph courtesy of Ruiz Foods

37. Swisher Sweets Black Cigarillos

Swisher International introduced Swisher Sweets Black Cigarillos, with a dark maduro-like wrapper that delivers a distinctive, rich aroma as well as a slower-burning, smoother smoke.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

36. Silk Almondmilk in Bulk

Silk from Danone North America's now offering its Almondmilk in a bulk format. Dispensers are available in Unsweetened Original and Unsweetened Vanilla varieties.

Photograph courtesy of Danone North America

35. Silk Almondmilk Vanilla Soft Serve

Danone North America has launched Silk Almondmilk Vanilla Soft Serve. This addition to the YoCream line of frozen yogurt is Non-GMO Project verified, vegan, kosher and gluten-free. It contains no cholesterol or artificial colors and flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Danone North America

34. McCain Early Risers

With the savory flavor of hash browns, egg and cheese in a corn flake crust, McCain Early Risers from McCain Foods is available in bacon and sausage varieties, as well as a new chorizo variety.

Photograph courtesy of McCain Foods

33. Instant CBD Strips

Vertical launched Instant CBD Strips. The product is taken orally and reaches the bloodstream within minutes, resulting in high bioavailability, minimal wait time, precision dosing and the elimination of adverse side effects, the company says.

Photograph courtesy of Vertical

32. Krispy Krunchy dipping sauces

Krispy Krunchy Foods has rolled out four new dipping sauces to pair with Krispy Krunchy chicken, fish and shrimp varieties. The four sauce flavors include Classic Tartar Sauce, Dijon Honey Mustard, Cajun Sweet BBQ and Classic Cocktail Sauce, which complements the brand’s Cajun fried shrimp.

Photograph courtesy of Krispy Krunchy Foods

31. HighDrate

Hemp-product maker Kona Gold Solutions has introduced a line of flavored energy waters infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a component of cannabis. HighDrate will come in Tropical Coconut, Georgia Peach, Kiwi-Strawberry and Watermelon flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Kona Gold

30. Silver cigarette filter tubes

Republic Tobacco from Republic Group has added new Silver cigarette filter tubes to its Gambler, TubeCut and TOP families. Available in king and 100MM sizes, the Silver products are for consumers who prefer a more airy, clean taste, the company says. All Republic Tobacco cigarette filter tubes work with any handheld or table top cigarette injector machines.

Photograph courtesy of Republic Group

29. Fly Guys Pizza

Part of McLane’s private-label subsidiary Consumer Value Products, Fly Guys Pizza is a pizza program that offers operators a quality frozen pizza that can be served hot or made available for consumers to bake at home. The 12-inch pizzas can be served by the whole pie or slice. They are available in three varieties: pepperoni, five-meat and breakfast.

Photograph courtesy of McLane Co.

28. Jack Link’s Cold Crafted Linkwich

An extension of its Cold Crafted line, Jack Link’s Linkwich is a breadless sandwich featuring premium cured meats and real Wisconsin cheese. The handheld snack contains 15 grams of protein in one serving and only 1 gram of carbs and sugar. Three varieties are available: Colby Jack & Hard Salami, Pepper Jack & Genoa Salami and Cheddar and Hard Salami.

Photograph courtesy of Jack Link’s

27. Stok Cold-Brew Bulk Dispensers

Adding Danone North America's Stok Cold-Brew Bulk Dispensers to the coffee bar allows operators to offer a coffee experience that rivals traditional coffee shops, without the need for specialized equipment or long hours dedicated to cold brewing, the company says. Available in Vanilla and Unsweetened Black varieties, Stok Cold-Brew is steeped for at least 10 hours.

Photograph courtesy of Danone North America

26. Klondike Premium Moist Tobacco

Klondike Premium Moist Tobacco from Cheyenne International offers adult consumers fresh, high-quality smokeless tobacco in the price-value category. It is available in peppermint, wintergreen, cherry and straight varieties, long cut, fine cut and pouches.

Photograph courtesy of Cheyenne International

25. Icee Warheads

The Icee Co. has partnered with Warheads to add a sour and spicy twist to its lineup with new Warhead beverages. They come in Warheads Watermelon, Warheads Hotheads Lava Lime, Warheads Hotheads Piping Hot Pineapple and Warheads Hotheads Molten Mango flavors.

Photograph courtesy of The Icee Co.

24. Pimento Cheese Flavored Curls

Launching in c-stores nationwide, Southern Recipe’s Pimento Cheese Flavored Curls offer snackers a crunch with the flavors of a signature Southern spread, including sharp cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and sweet pimento peppers. The variety comes in a 2-ounce bag for an SRP of $1.09.

Photograph courtesy of Southern Recipe

23. White Owl Mini Cigarillos

White Owl Mini Cigarillos from Swedish Match North America are packaged in a resealable pouch with three mini cigarillos per pack. Four flavors are available: Sweets, Silver, White Grape and Blue Raspberry.

Photograph courtesy of Swedish Match North America

22. Zyn

Swedish Match North America's Zyn is a tobacco-free nicotine pouch placed under a user’s upper lip, providing a smoke-free and spit-free experience. It comes in 3 mg and 6 mg of nicotine, and flavors include cool mint, wintergreen, cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint and coffee.

Photograph courtesy of Swedish Match North America

21. Swisher Sweets Finest Fusion Mini Cigarillos

Swisher Sweets from Swisher International introduced Finest Fusion Mini Cigarillos with two tropical tastes: Tropical Storm and Island Bash.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

20. Rich’s fully baked cookies

Rich’s Foodservice’s fully baked, individually wrapped cookies are made from premium, clean-label ingredients. The cookies come in Chocolate Chunk, Sugar Cookie, Triple Chocolate Filled Cookie With Fudge Filling (made with Hershey’s chocolate chips) and Confetti Cake Cookie With Frosting Filling.

Photograph courtesy of Rich’s Foodservice

19. Oscar Mayer Maple Pancake Sausage and Blueberry Pancake Sausage

Kraft Heinz's Oscar Mayer Maple Pancake Sausage and Blueberry Pancake Sausage feature Oscar Mayer breakfast pork sausage wrapped in a maple or blueberry pancake.

Photograph courtesy of Kraft Heinz

18. Black & Mild Natural Wrap

Altria's Black & Mild Natural Wrap is the latest addition to the Black & Mild lineup; it provides a new feel with a natural leaf wrapper.

Photograph courtesy of Altria

17. Pig Out Pigless Bacon Chips

Plant-based foods company Outstanding Foods introduce a plant-based bacon chip. Crispy and salty Pig Out Pigless Bacon Chips will be available in four flavors: Original (tastes just like bacon, the company says), Cheddar, Chipotle and Kansas City BBQ. The varieties are non-GMO and chemical-free.

Photograph courtesy of Outstanding Foods

16. Pura Still Spiked Still Water

With a splash of coconut water, a hint of natural fruit flavor and zero carbonation, Pura Still Spiked Still Water from FIFCO USA is a new alcohol option for of-age consumers seeking clean labels and natural ingredients. Launching in December, Pura Still contains 1 gram of cane sugar and 2 grams of carbohydrates per 11.2-ounce bottle. It has an ABV of 4.5% and comes in Blackberry, Mango and Mandarin Orange flavors. Pura Still is rolling out in December in six-packs.

Photograph courtesy of FIFCO USA

15. Winston Select

Winston from ITG Brands has expanded its offering in the non-menthol gold segment with its Select brand. The smooth blend joins the full-bodied Red style and the lighter Gold and White brands. Selects are packaged in a kings box and feature a white filter tip.

Photograph courtesy of ITG Brands

14. Fire Grilled Cheeseburger RollerBites

Fire Grilled Cheeseburger RollerBites from Home Market Foods are grilled over an open fire to lock in juices and bring out a home-grilled flavor. The RollerBites are ideal for a quick snack or on-the-go meal, the company says. Varieties include Classic Cheeseburger, Tex-Mex Chili Cheeseburger, Triple Chile Cheeseburger, Ghost Pepper Cheeseburger and Bacon Cheeseburger.

Photograph courtesy of Home Market Foods

13. Newport Platinum Cigarettes

Newport Platinums from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. have a smooth menthol flavor that is distinct from other Newport varieties, according to the company. The cigarettes come in Platinum and Platinum Blue, both available in Kings and 100s boxes. Platinum has a smooth taste and Blue has a full-bodied taste.

Photograph courtesy of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

12. Newport Smooth Select

Newport Smooth Selects from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. are smooth, premium menthol cigarettes. They are rich in flavor and popular on social media, according to the manufacturer.

Photograph courtesy of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

11. Prime Time Flavored Cigars

Prime Time Flavored Cigars are available in little and large cigar styles as singles, packs and cartons, in classic flavors Cherry, Grape, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Watermelon and Wild Berry; limited edition Fireball & Tropical; and Sweets & Menthol.

Photograph courtesy of Prime Time International Distributing Inc.

10. Meat Lovers Scramble and Chicken, Bacon & Cheddar Tornados

Meat Lovers Scramble and Chicken, Bacon & Cheddar are joining Ruiz Foods’ Tornados lineup. The former contains scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham and cheese in a crispy seasoned tortilla. The latter contains chicken, applewood smoked bacon and cheddar cheese in a crispy seasoned tortilla. Both varieties can be prepared via a roller grill, oven or fryer.

Photograph courtesy of Ruiz Foods

9. Jack Link’s Cold Crafted

Jack Link’s Cold Crafted brings the best of Wisconsin delicacies—smoked meat and cheese—together in one package. The new snack packs with 100% beef and real Wisconsin cheese come in the following varieties: Smoked Meat Sticks (Original, Loaded With Pepper Jack, Loaded With Cheddar Cheese); Beef and Cheese Bites; and Smoked Meat Sticks and Cheese (Cheddar and Pepper Jack). The varieties have an SRP of $3.49 per pack.

Photograph courtesy of Jack Link’s

8. Folios Cheese Wraps

Lotito Foods is updating the packaging for its all-natural cheese products, including Folios Cheese Wraps, which are available in four-count packs for an SRP of $5.99. They ship in cases of 12. Varieties include Parmesan, Cheddar and Jarlsberg. They contain 13 grams of protein and 1 gram of carbs. They are also gluten-, lactose- and rBST-free.

Photograph courtesy of Lotito Foods

7. Winston Black

The newest addition to ITG Brands’ portfolio, Winston Black cigarettes have a smooth, balanced and full-flavor taste, the company says. Its packaging has an embossed texture and honeycomb pattern. Winston Black is available in king-size and 100s in a cork filter tip.

Photograph courtesy of ITG Brands

6. Leap

Leap is a nicotine salt-based vapor system with a sophisticated design, powerful battery and higher-capacity e-liquid pods, E-Alternative Solutions says. The Leap Rechargeable System is offered in two kits: Leap e-Vapor Kit, which comes with a 1.5-mL e-liquid pod, and Leap Device Kit. Leap pods come in eight bold flavors, with each initially available in a 4.8% nicotine level. Leap Go is a disposable option in six flavors, each with a nicotine level of 5%. Leap Go has an SRP of $7.99.

Photograph courtesy of E-Alternative Solutions

5. NJOY Ace


Designed to deliver a premium vaping experience, the NJOY Ace features long-lasting pods, an easy draw with a strong yet smooth hit and a durable device with a reliable battery. The 1.9-mL pods come in four flavors: Classic Tobacco, Blueberry, Cool Menthol and Watermelon Twist.

Photograph courtesy of NJOY

4. Tapatio Beef Jerky

Made with fresh, high-quality American beef, Tapatio Beef Jerky contains no added ingredients, additives or preservatives. The jerky comes in Original, Spicy Teriyaki and Sweet & Spicy flavors in 3-ounce bags. Family-owned and -operated, KMB Foods is committed to creating handcrafted and artisan meat snacks.

Photograph courtesy of KMB Foods

3. Fit Soda

Fit Soda is a line of functional beverages containing zero sugar, electrolytes and branched-chain amino acids, which are found in protein-rich foods such as eggs, meat and dairy products, Koios Beverage Corp. says. Fit Soda is available in Orange Creamsicle and Root Beer Vanilla Float flavors, with Black Cherry Cola and Sparkling Citrus flavors expected to be launched in third-quarter 2019.

Photograph courtesy of Koios Beverage Corp.

2. Backwoods Honey Berry single cigars

New Backwoods Honey Berry single cigars from ITG Brands' Commonwealth-Altadis offer fresh, all-natural tobacco in convenient packaging at an affordable price point.

Photograph courtesy of ITG Brands

1. Marlboro Ice

Marlboro Ice from Altria is a crisp, cool-to-the-finish menthol cigarette that comes in a resealable pack, the first of its kind in the U.S. cigarette market, the company says. It’s also a repeat winner: Marlboro Ice was also the most clicked product on our 2018 Hot 100 list.

Photograph courtesy of Altria