Converge Multi-Cook Ovens

Converge Multi-Cook Ovens
Foodservice equipment
Ovens have three independent chambers in a ventless space

Converge Multi-Cook Ovens provide expanded menu potential in the smallest of footprints by pairing controlled humidity and a patented vertical air flow of Structured Air Technology, maker Alto-Shaam said. With up to three independent chambers in a ventless space, operators can steam, bake, grill and air fry at the exact same time and in the same oven. Converge also features a self-cleaning design to save operators time and labor, Alto-Shaam said.

Company details
Alto-Shaam Inc.

Alto-Shaam is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of quality combi ovens, low-temperature cook and hold ovens, hi-speed ovens, hot food holding cabinets, and other equipment for the commercial foodservice industry.

Along with the corporate office and factory facilities in Wisconsin, Alto-Shaam has offices in Canada, China, France, Germany, Russia and Dubai. Alto-Shaam also has more than 60 demo kitchens.

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