Hatco Mini Vertical Warmer

Hatco Mini Vertical Warmer
Snack the right way with Hatco’s Mini Vertical Warmer.

The Mini Vertical Warmer from Hatco® Corporation is every foodservice operator’s solution for merchandising hot snacks. The Mini Vertical Warmer is a compact unit that can be placed anywhere, keeping pre-packaged snacks warm, appealing and at the customer’s fingertips. With an adjustable thermostat, snacks such as brownies and cookies can be held at optimum temperatures, so they’ll taste like they’re fresh out of the oven. Up to eight MVW units can be connected side-by-side – while utilizing only one outlet connection – to allow foodservice operators to showcase a variety of snacks, while the accessory mounting brackets save on counter space while drawing attention at eye level.

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Hatco Corp.

Hatco Corporation is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based, employee-owned company with a history of 65 years of excellence in the quality design, production and servicing of holding and warming equipment. In 2009, Hatco introduced its Refrigerated Drop-In Well, bringing the same Hatco quality and excellence to the cooling side of its foodservice product line.


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