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Win Two Awards at Recent SUBWAY Chain Annual Convention

At the SUBWAY® restaurant chain annual convention held in San Francisco in July, Manitowoc Foodservice was the recipient of two distinguished awards that recognized excellence in customer service and innovation.

John Klingenberger, vice president of global accounts for Manitowoc Foodservice,accepted the SUBWAY® chain Innovation award on behalf of Manitowoc Ice, manufacturer of ice machines and Merrychef, manufacturer of accelerated cooking ovens, for its innovative products over the last year.  According to the SUBWAY® sandwich chain, these two brands continuously look for new ways to improve their eikon™ e4 speed ovens and Indigo™ Ice Seriesice machines in order to help the SUBWAY® chainsimprove efficiency and service.

Klingenberger received the Excellence in Customer Service award. This award was given inrecognition of Klingenberger’s responsiveness and willingness to go above and beyondwhat other suppliers doto provide exceptionalcustomer service to the SUBWAY® franchisees.

These awards were presented by Jan Risi, President of the SUBWAY® franchisee-run Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC).

“We are pleased and proud to continue providing innovation to the SUBWAY®chain for the future success of their franchisees and I was proud to have accepted and received the awards.  I know the Manitowoc Foodservice/SUBWAY®chainteam has become stronger every year," said Klingenberger.

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