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Foodservice Equipment
New ADA regulations taking effect March 15, 2012

New ADA regulations taking effect March 15, 2012 require that access to product within foodservice equipment be no higher than 48 inches above the floor and no deeper from the face than 10 inches.  Tomlinson Industries offers several products that can help the c-store owner comply.

  •  Cup, lid, napkin, condiment and ice cream cone dispensers can be built into cabinets or hung at the appropriate height to comply with the required height and depth. 
  •  Low profile handle options for No-Drip® Faucets used on coffee and tea brewers and beverage dispensers can lessen height and distance of reach.
  •  Most Tomlinson foodservice equipment such as pizza ovens, merchandisers, popcorn poppers can be placed on counters and can comply with the required height and depth.

Tomlinson Industries is a leading manufacturer of products for the foodservice industry. The No-Drip®Division of Tomlinson Industries is a leader in dispensing technology and features a complete line of faucets, fittings, parts and supplies.  The Modular®Dispensing Systems Division manufactures dispensers for disposable cups, lids, straws, napkins, condiments and ice cream cones. The Foodservice Products Division is most noted for its soup kettles, warmers and merchandisers; cast iron, cast aluminum and stainless-clad aluminum platters, skillets and griddles; wooden high chairs, and booster seats; cutting boards, pizza peels, gloves and matting; and pizza merchandisers and ovens. 

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