A.J. Antunes Honored by McDonald’s

Named Supplier of the Year with highest score for McDonald’s metrics

CAROL STREAM, Ill. -- A.J. Antunes & Co. was presented with the Supplier, Reliability and Innovation of the Year awards from restaurant chain McDonald’s earlier this year. The awards were presented to the executive staff of A.J. Antunes at the Worldwide Supplier Summit, a biannual gathering of suppliers and distributors from McDonald's global network.

McDonald’s recognized A.J. Antunes & Co. for providing the most significant impact and contribution to its worldwide system of 33,000 restaurants with the Supplier of the Year award. Handed out annually, this award is given to the company with the highest total score for all of McDonald's metrics, including owner/operator survey results, worldwide objectives, savings, innovation and reliability data.

McDonald’s presented A.J. Antunes with the Innovation of the Year award based on the release, development and enhancement of several bun and muffin toasters to improve overall quality and service for McDonald’s restaurants.

And McDonald’s presented the company with the Reliability of the Year award for having the best reliability performance score for all of its equipment in the McDonald’s system, including toasters, steamers, timers and water filtration systems.

"It was an awesome and quite humbling experience to be recognized by a world-class organization like McDonald's, especially to this magnitude," Bill Hickey, executive vice president of A.J. Antunes & Co, said in a statement released by the company. "The entire A.J. Antunes & Co. team is both thankful and honored to receive these three prestigious awards, and we will continue to support the McDonald's system every day to the fullest."

A.J. Antunes began its relationship with McDonald’s in 1973, when the burger giant first entered the breakfast business. A.J. Antunes created a steamer for McDonald’s to serve hot and fresh Danish pastries. Today, McDonald’s restaurants around the world use the manufacturer’s toasters, steamers, timers and water filtration systems.