Bakery Options Cater to Unique Foodservice Experiences

waffle sandwich

Alternatives to bread—in the form of waffles, pretzels and other variations—are increasingly finding an audience across multiple channels.

Waffles, for example, have grown 216% as a base for sandwiches in c-stores in the past year, according to Chicago-based Technomic’s Ignite database, which evaluated 3,350 menu items across 32 c-store operations. Other growing variations including Texas toast, up 200% and baguettes, up 80%.

One early entry in the category is Orion Land Mark Products’ The Waffle, a premium breakfast option in the company’s Day’n Night Bites portfolio that sandwiches a sausage patty and egg between two golden brown waffles.

Click through for a look at seven bakery options that are giving foodservice sandwiches new bite.

Photograph courtesy of Land Mark Products

1. Rich’s Foodservice

flatbread breakfast sandwich

Rich’s Foodservice’s Maple Waffle Flatbread capitalizes on the smash success of waffles as a sandwich option. The variety allows operators to create a menu portfolio of sandwiches featuring a variety of fillings and flavors, including a traditional chicken and waffles combo, breakfast sausage sandwich, Cajun chicken waffle sandwich, Buffalo chicken waffle sandwich or maple barbecue street taco. Each 1.1-ounce flatbread has 1 gram of fiber. They ship 192 per case, with a frozen shelf life of 180 days.

Photograph courtesy of Rich’s Foodservice

2. Dawn Foods


In January, Dawn Foods’ Sourdough Donut Mix debuted as a mashup of sourdough bread and yeast-raised doughnut, creating a buttery sourdough flavor with a soft, light and airy texture, according to the company. The versatile mix can be used in both sweet and savory offerings, such as sourdough jelly doughnuts, glazed sourdough sweet rolls and honey butter-fried chicken sandwich rolls.

Photograph courtesy of Dawn Foods

3. General Mills


General Mills Convenience has improved its Pillsbury Stuffed Waffles and added a new flavor in Bacon, Egg and Cheese, which joined Sausage, Egg and Cheese. The reformulated foodservice items cut prep time in half and have a longer hold time of up to four hours, the company said. Pillsbury Stuffed Waffles feature maple-flavored waffles. New packaging includes brown craft bags that allow for on-the-go eating. The waffles have an SRP of $3.19.

Photograph courtesy of General Mills

4. J&J Snack Foods


J&J Snack Foods’ Pretzel Fillers Stuffed Soft Pretzels come individually wrapped in craft paper packaging to be heated in the microwave, conventional oven or TurboChef. Pretzel Fillers are hand-twisted soft pretzels featuring a filling in three varieties: Cheddar Cheddar, Jalapeno-N-Cheese and Sweet Cream Cheese.

Photograph courtesy of J&J Snack Foods

5. Jim Buddy’s


Jim Buddy’s Protein Donut is a high-protein, low-calorie doughnut that’s baked. It comes in Chocolate and Cake Batter flavors in single-serve packaging. Each doughnut has 160 calories or fewer, no more than 6 grams of sugar and 11-14 grams of protein.

Photograph courtesy of Jim Buddy’s

6. Eastern Standard Provisions

sandwich and fries

Eastern Standard Provisions Co. has introduced pretzel buns in two new styles and a dipping sauce for all its buns. FourSeam is a pretzel bun for burgers and sandwiches. SlidePiece is a slider-size pretzel bun. Buck Off Pesto Ranch is a dipping sauce that pairs with pretzels or greens. The pretzel buns are made with all-natural vegan ingredients, the company said.

Photograph courtesy of Eastern Standard Provisions Co.

7. Rich’s Foodservice


Rich’s has introduced Ready-to-Stretch Sheeted Pizza Dough. Available in 6- and 12-inch configurations, the product makes it easier for operators to create artisan-style pizza using high-quality, flavorful dough, the company said. When baked, the dough reaches a golden brown color and has a crisp exterior texture. Ready-to-Stretch allows operators to dispense with having to proof dough, because they need only to stretch it to their signature shape and place into the oven. The products have a 120-day frozen shelf life. Six-inch dough comes 80 per case and 12-inch dough comes 20 per case.

Photograph courtesy of Rich’s Foodservice