Boyds Coffee House Freezers

boyds root beer
Two delicious new Coffee House Freezers® flavors

Coffee House Freezers Root Beer Float captures the rich, delicious taste of an authentic, old-fashioned root beer float in an automatic dispensed form. It's a traditional beverage with a new, appealing twist, making it attractive to today's consumers who are returning to familiar, comfortable beverage choices.

Coffee House Freezers Chocolate Caramel Macchiato is a frozen twist on the popular coffeehouse flavor. It's a rich, creamy frozen drink with a decadent, chocolate caramel flavor. The mainstream appeal of this in-demand flavor will attract the large base of consumers who love coffeehouse beverages but are looking for better values.
Both flavors are an easy way for operators to expand sales and build profits. They are the latest additions to Boyds Coffee's Coffee House Freezers brand, which includes a full line of popular flavor choices, from coffee-based beverages like French Vanilla Cappuccino and Hi-Rev® Mocha to fruity flavors like Cherry Smart Bomb and Grape Fusion. Equipment, cups, lids, straws and impactful supporting merchandising are available.
For more information about Root Beer Float, Chocolate Caramel Macchiato or other Coffee House Freezers products, contact your Boyd Coffee Company representative or call 1-800-545-4077.
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