Boyd's Iced Tea, Ice Cap and Iced Coffee

boyds iced tea variety
Iced beverages
Iced tea variety replaces former Island Mist offering
A new line of cold beverages includes Boyd’s Iced Tea, Boyd’s Ice Cap and Boyd’s Iced Coffee. The Iced Tea variety replaces the company’s former Island Mist offering, while Ice Cap replaces the former Coffee House Freezers variety. The fresh-brewed Iced Tea comes in eight flavors including Original Brew (black tea), Green Tea, Tropical Tea and Raspberry Herbal. The addition of Torani syrups such as Cane Sugar Sweetener, Raspberry, Peach and Blackberry creates additional options for operators. Boyd’s Ice Cap is embossed with an updated design and diverse flavor alternatives, including a combination of coffee-based flavors such as French Vanilla and Mocha, and fruit-based flavors such as Cherry Smart Bomb and Strawberry Banana Smoothie. Boyd’s Iced Coffee consists of shelf-stable mixes in Kona Blend Mocha and Kona Blend French Vanilla. 
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