DaVinci Gourmet Smoothie mixes

davinci smoothie mixes
Frozen smoothie mixes
Pour-and-blend mix comes in 64-ounce shelf-stable pack
With 28% of smoothie drinkers identifying health as a core reason for consumption, according to the manufacturer, DaVinci Gourmet Smoothies are lactose free, vegan and kosher, and are offered in 64-ounce shelf-stable packaging. Containing up to two servings of fruit per 8-ounce finished drink, the varieties give operators the flexibility to serve one of seven flavors individually, or to add them to other ingredients such as rolled oats, flaxseed or yogurt.  DaVinci Gourmet offers smoothie mixes in five fresh-picked fruit flavors, including Very Berry and Mango. One of two wholesome fruit and vegetable blends include Gratifying Greens. To prepare, operators pour the mix over ice and blend. 
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