El Monterey breakfast burritos

ruiz breakfast burritos
Butcher-wrapped burritos
El Monterey launches new burrito packaging

El Monterey’s new packaging film for its 8-ounce burritos features a polyester laminate film that is dual ovenable and self-venting for superior heat and hold capabilities and heightened food safety. The film allows for high-resolution printing for maximum visual impact. Four popular El Monterey burritos are available in the butcher wrapping: Egg, Sausage, Potato and Cheese Burritos; Egg, Bacon, Cheese and Salsa Burritos; Chicken and Cheese Burritos; and Shredded Beef Steak and Cheese Burritos.

Company details
Ruiz Foods, Inc.

Ruiz Foods is an American food production and service company based in Dinuba, California founded in 1964. Under the brand names of El Monterey and Tornados it produces around 200 frozen Mexican foods for grocery stores throughout the US. These foods include burritos, taquitos, enchiladas, and tamales. Ruiz Foods' main 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility meets the needs of the Eastern and Midwestern U.S. with two more facilities in Texas.


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