KanPak Blended Beverage

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Blended Beverage
Shelf stable, preserving flavor without refrigeration
One of the biggest trends in the food service industry is blended beverages. That’s why KanPak®, the leader in aseptic beverages and desserts, has launched a complete line of blended beverages, including fresh fruit smoothies and coffee frappes. Premium ingredients and custom creations mean customers get incredibly fresh, unique flavors without preservatives. Aseptic technology allows operators to store the product, without the need for refrigeration, for up to six months.

“Made-to-order blended beverages are gaining in popularity,” explained Kevin Grow, Director of Product Development and Technology at KanPak. “Specialty coffeehouses and smoothie bars have made custom orders the norm. Oftentimes though, consumers want it fast and in more convenient places, like convenience stores. As the summer months approach, operators have an opportunity to capitalize on this trend.”

Blended beverage products from KanPak are the ultimate solution. Plus, they help keep shrink down and contribute to the bottom line because no refrigeration is required to transport or store them. Products are available in packaging compatible with most current automated ice-blending machines.

KanPak specializes in creating complete shelf-stable solutions as a developer and manufacturer of aseptic products through advancements in food science, aseptic processing and aseptic packaging. To learn more about the products offered, visit www.kanpak.us.

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