Kwik Trip Reinvests in f'real

f'real, Kwik Trip partner

Kwik Trip, known for its strong foodservice program, has reinvested in f'real milkshakes by upgrading to the company's latest blending system, the B4 blender. The 515-store chain, based in La Crosse, Wis., will install the new machine in all of its locations, according to f'real.

The B4 Blender

f'real B4 blender

The B4 blender is a significant upgrade from the original B2 blending system, the company said. The self-service system still blends customizable milkshakes, smoothies and frozen cappuccinos from cups prefilled with real milkshake ingredients. One of the upgraded features is self-sanitization. There is no need to dismantle equipment or use chemicals to maintain the blender, reducing maintenance considerably, according to the company.

Improved Machine Design

Kwik Trip

Certainly an important feature for a chain the size of Kwik Trip is the machine's new ability to power wash between all blends, eliminating flavor crossover. The new machine also has an interactive touch screen with dynamic content to engage the chain's foodservice customers. A service alert feature connects to f'real's customer service center for automatic diagnostic checks, notifications and on-demand troubleshooting, decreasing the loss of cup sales due to down time, the company said.

New Flavor

f'real Glazed Donut flavor

Alongside the Kwik Trip chainwide rollout, f'real foods will launch its spring limited-edition flavor, Glazed Donut.

Incentives and Promotions

Drink a Dozen promotion

f'real is also unveiling its first rewards program, Drink a Dozen, which incentivizes consumers to purchase f'real milkshakes to earn credits toward music, movie, games and apps. Kwik Trip and f'real will also partner on other promtions throughout the year to drive awareness and sales in the store.