mytop Whip Topping® Dispenser.

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Foodservice Dispenser
Become a coffee destination with On Top® & mytop™

Specialty coffee shops have raised the bar for everybody—customers want to customize their hot and cold beverages. In fact, they’ve come to expect it—80% of consumers consider whipped topping a significant part of any beverage offering.1

With On Top® whipped topping and the myTop™ dispenser, your operation can have a beverage topping program that attracts new customers and makes current ones even more loyal. The quality and taste of On Top® gives your customers what they really want. Now you can compete with more expensive coffee destinations.

The benefits of a topping program with On Top®:

  • makes your operation more competitive
  • lets customers customize and enhance their experience
  • boosts repeat purchases and increases loyalty
  • offers customers exciting flavors like vanilla, chocolate, peppermint, and cinnamon

The benefits of mytop™ dispenser with On Top®:

  • very affordable—only $75 per unit
  • requires no electricity
  • operationally easy for any employee to load and maintain
  • sleek, modern design of mytop™ complements your coffee service area
  • food safe—customers only touch the handle of the mytop™

For product information and online ordering of mytop™ dispensers, please or call 866-242-3599

One Robert Rich Way Buffalo, New York 14213

1 Moore & Symons, Inc. 2010

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