Phillips Foodservice Seafood Flavor Cakes

phillips seafood flavor cakes
Seafood entrée
Six new flavors can be baked, pan-sautéed or fried
Commemorating 100 years of seafood processing, Phillips Foodservice is adding six new flavor cakes to its line: Dungeness Crab Cakes, Salmon Cakes, Zesty Tuna Burgers, Lobster Cakes, Spicy Shrimp Cakes and Latin Cakes. Developed with convenience, versatility and menu optimization in mind, varieties are available in 4-, 3.25-, 3- and 0.75-ounce sizes. Flavor cakes require no thaw time prior to cooking, and can be baked, pan-sautéed or fried. Also launching is a new Flavor Cake variety pack (100 count), which combines four mini-cake flavors. 
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