Product Innovator: Loop Neighborhood

loop neighborhood c-store

AU Energy LLC and Vintners Distributors have created a new, innovative retail concept called Loop Neighborhood.

This network of 23 stores in California launched in 2013 and has a sharp, bright and modern aesthetic, as seen at this 3,200-square-foot store in San Pablo, Calif.

In a recent interview with COO Pervez Pir, we discussed the company's modernized look as well as its emphasis on fresh, trend-driven products.

Here are five areas of the store that help make product selection stand out.

Photographs by Caroline Tudor

1. Fresh and healthy

loop sandwiches

Front and center is a deli case with fresh offerings for customers seeking better-for-you items. “All Loops are part of the Partnership for a Healthier America, so they offer fresh fruit, meals under 500 calories and healthier drinks and snacks.”

2. Hot foods

loop hot food

“All Loops are unified by offering great-tasting food and an exceptional customer experience. All have indulgent offerings such as hot foods (e.g., chicken wings, waffle fries, chicken tenders, etc.) and a healthy selection of better-for-you chips and snacks.”

3. Salad bar

loop salad bar

“We want to break the stigma that convenience stores can’t be healthy or only offer junk food. If someone wants to indulge, we have what they need; and if they want to eat something healthy, we have the perfect salad for them.”

4. Hydration Station

loop fountain drinks

The Hydration Station has fountain beverages plus frozen drinks and yogurt. “All Loops offer espresso and other specialty coffee drinks, a full selection of pastries and a full-serve frozen-yogurt offering.”

5. Unique concept

Loop convenience store

“We didn’t replicate anything that’s out there in the marketplace. Of course, in all our travels we have gotten great ideas and seen unique concepts that inspired us, but nothing that was similar to Loop.”