Van's Roller Grill Egg Rolls

Roller grill
Portable hot food
Bulk roller grill 3 ounce egg rolls are available in three flavors.

Van's' restaurant quality egg rolls deliver on flavor, value and profit! Our bulk roller grill 3 ounce egg rolls are available in three flavors – chicken, pork and southwest chicken. Our authentic and delicious roller grill egg rolls are the perfect snack or meal for hungry customers on the go. Diversify your roller grill and delight your customers with Van’s Kitchen egg rolls – they’re portable perfection!

Company details
Van's Kitchen

Van’s Kitchen has been in business for over 30 years.  We’re an Asian owned and operated company – we know Asian flavors and focus all our energy on making our egg rolls the best in the market and exceeding expectations with every bite.   Our core products are our Two Pack Grab & Go Egg Rolls and our Foodservice Roller Grill Egg Rolls.  



4828 Reading St.
Dallas, TX 75247
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