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OEC Fluid Handling Adds DEF Pumps to Product Line

OEC Fluid Handling, a sister company of Oilmen’s Truck Tanks, is proud to announce its introduction of DWT Leader Pumps into the North American market for pumping DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). These submersible and self-priming pumps are specifically designed to handle DEF and are available in stainless steel and non-metallic construction. Glen Covington, president of OEC Fluid Handling, confirmed that “OECFH will be using a network of representatives in the USA and Canada to select PEI fuel and lubrication distributors and wholesalers to sell and service DWT Leader Pumps. Our parent company, Oilmen’s Equipment Corp (OEC), currently has several OEM’s who manufacture DEF dispensing equipment using DWT Pumps.”

DWT Leader Pumps are used for pumping DEF from drums, totes, aboveground or underground tanks. DWT Leader Pumps provide high mechanical reliability along with chemical compatibility with DEF. The Blue Diver submersible pump products are designed with exclusive inert glass filled motors with sealed lubricated bearings for life. This bearing design insures DEF product purity in case of motor failure.

Until the introduction of the Diver Series of submersible pumps, there has not been a small diameter submersible pump for underground tank application. Diver Series pumps provide DEF flows at higher pressures for applications requiring multiple dispensing points, or remote aboveground or underground tank installation.

DWT Leader self-priming pumps feature 304 stainless steel casing construction and impellers manufactured of polymers compatible with DEF. Euroinox pumps provide smooth flow and the higher pressures needed for dispensing DEF through lengthy hose and meter systems.

DWT Leader Pumps have been supplying high-quality pump products for pumping DEF for the European market since the inception of the use of AUS32. DWT Leader Pumps are designed to comply with ISO 22241-3 standards and have been installed in many thousands of installations across Europe. OEC Fluid Handling has the marketing responsibility for DWT Leader Pump products for DEF in the North American market.

Contact OEC Fluid Handling for technical information and applications assistance. Phone 800-500-9311, or visit http://www.oecfh.com

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