InstaKey Fuel Dispenser Lock Program

InstaKey Fuel Dispenser Lock
Fuel dispenser lock
Protect your profits from fuel theft and credit card skimming with InstaKey’s fuel dispenser lock.

The InstaKey® Fuel Dispenser Lock Program gives convenience store owners the ability to secure their fuel dispensers with confidence. Most fuel dispenser locks are designed with a matching universal key, making it simple for perpetrators to access the locks unlawfully if one is lost, stolen, or duplicated without authorization. InstaKey’s unique Program saves owners time and money associated with their lock and key management. Innovative rekey technology allows c-store owners to reset locks within seconds. Corresponding keys are created on a restricted keyway that cannot be duplicated, and can be tracked in cloud-based software for compliance and auditing.

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InstaKey Security Systems

InstaKey’s comprehensive KeyControl® Program addresses the importance of Convenience Stores keyed access needs, and reduces the costs and liabilities normally associated with conventional mechanical key systems. Credit card skimming is on the rise! Whether you’re a 500 store chain, or a single station store owner, our KeyControl® Program is the most cost-effective card skimming deterrent available on the market for your fuel dispensers. If you haven’t yet secured your fuel dispensers, or you are rekeying your stores, consider the InstaKey KeyControl® Program.




InstaKey® Rekeyable Lock Cylinder

InstaKey’s Rekeyable Lock technology allows Convenience Store owners to rekey their locks immediately when the need arises, without the requirement of hardware removal or a locksmith fee. This can be done up to 9 times with a specialized “change” key, and on different user levels.


InstaKey® Restricted, Serialized Keys

InstaKey’s Restricted, Serialized Keys prevent unauthorized duplication of keys as Uncut Key Blanks are not available on the open marketplace and can only be sold under strict InstaKey® Security Systems licensing agreements. This allows Convenience store owners to grant and limit access to certain locks as they see fit. Each key is stamped with a unique identifier which can be tracked in our cloud-based software.


InstaKey® Rekeyable Lock for Fuel Dispensers

The InstaKey Fuel Dispenser Lock Program gives Convenience Store owners the ability to secure their fuel dispenser locks as cost-effectively and efficiently as their stores, while preventing credit card skimming incidents from occurring. Access to fuel dispenser locks is controlled with restricted, serialized keys and locks can be rekeyed immediately in the event of a security breach.

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