Numeritex Displays, Inc. Gas-Trac

LED Gas Price Changer
Numeritex Rethinks LED Price Displays

Numeritex Displays, Inc. has received patent-pending status for Gas-Trac®, their LED gas price changer.Designed to retro-fit onto the face of existing signs, Gas-Trac® boasts a super-slim profile and ultra-light construction.With this design, Gas-Trac® installs directly into the tracks that hold traditional plastic numbers, eliminating the need for the lengthy and often costly construction required for ordinary LED price changers.

Andy Cowen, president of Numeritex Displays, Inc., recognizes the need for businesses to update their appearance.“With competitive businesses, especially gas stations, appearance is everything.If you want to increase your business, you have to make people want to stop at your station.Updating your look is an easy way to attract those customers who pass you by everyday.”

Beyond the ease of installation, Gas-Trac® also offers users simple one-touch operation with a wireless remote control.With this remote control, station employees can change the displayed prices without leaving the store or register unattended.

Gas-Trac® by Numeritex Displays is ideal for established stations updating their image and for new stations utilizing the latest in industry technology. Gas-Trac® allows station owners to affordably modernize their changeable copy signs, maximize public awareness and enhance operational efficiency.

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