Wayne Secure Payment Near Field Communication-Enabled Reader

wayne nfc enabled reader
POS System
Near Field Communication (NFC)-Enabled Reader Allows Consumers to Pay, Present Loyalty Cards and Redeem Offers All with the Wave of a Smart Phone


Wayne, a global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies, announced today that it will showcase the first fuel dispensers capable of contactless and near field communication (NFC) payments, allowing fuel retailers the ability to give customers the option to pay for fuel using their smart phones.

Further expanding Wayne’s leadership in global payment-security technologies, this optional feature for the iX Pay™ Secure Payment solution is the first modular, in-dispenser device of its kind to support traditional mag-stripe contactless, EMV® contactless and NFC mobile payment programs.

“Contactless and mobile payment technologies are going to help fuel retailers provide their customers tremendous value and incentives, as well as attract new customers with their differentiated offerings,” said Tim Weston, Wayne North America product manager. “With the emergence of contactless payments and NFC technology on smart phones, Wayne is extending our leadership in the industry by offering this technology as part of our innovative secure-payment solution.”

The integration of contactless payment technology into Wayne fuel dispensers not only provides support for the existing card brand contactless programs, but also positions retailers to participate in emerging mobile-wallet payment programs.

“Faster, more convenient payment simplifies the transaction, and there also is the loyalty factor—the chance for retailers to increase their customer relationships, differentiate their site and bring in new, tech-savvy customers,” said Weston. “For Wayne, offering this capability also means increased adoption of the Wayne iX Pay Secure Payment solution, which will reduce future upgrade costs for our U.S. customers as they prepare for EMV migration between now and 2017.”

Secure, flexible and “future-proof,” the EMV- and PCI-compliant Wayne iX Pay Secure Payment solution offers the highest level of pay-at-the-pump financial data security in the industry.

When it comes to secure-payment technology, Wayne is committed to staying ahead of the curve and implementing changes before they are required by payment card industry (PCI) and EMV standards. iX Pay Secure Payment is the first and only dispenser payment solution certified to version 3.0 of the PCI PIN Transaction Security standard. Wayne’s payment platform has a modular design that not only fits the latest dispenser models, but also is compatible with earlier models of fuel dispensers, peripherals and point-of-sale systems, as well as certain non-Wayne equipment.

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