8 Cleaning and Sanitation Solutions

hand sanitizing

Retailers are going the extra mile to ensure and communicate that their stores are sanitary and safe to enter in the COVID-19 era.

Family Express, for example, recently installed disposable wax tissue dispensers throughout its stores to allow customers to avoid touching hard surfaces. “We have sought to create the most fortified open retail environment in the U.S. with these initiatives,” says Gus Olympidis, president and CEO of the Valparaiso, Ind.-based chain of 75 stores across Indiana.

In April, Family Express began individually wrapping all its doughnuts and rolling out square muffins that fit customized plastic wrappers so customers feel safer grabbing fresh baked goods. This came on the heels of Family Express taking the wraps off its multimillion-dollar state-of-the-art bakery in Valparaiso, where one initial operational task was wrapping each doughnut as it comes off the assembly line.

“We adjusted our model to the reality of the consumer not trusting an open-case product,” Olympidis said. “We’re faced with the necessity to reinvent ourselves. Fortunately, we have the automated capability to wrap our products.” The wrapping also extends the shelf life of the doughnuts.

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Sabre hand sanitizer

Sabre, which offers a suite of safety-related products, including pepper spray, debuted Sabre-branded hand sanitizer. The product comes in 4-ounce packages as a liquid hand sanitizer and is designed in a top-dispensed, pop-disk format for easy dispensing. Sabre Hand Sanitizer consists of 80% unscented alcohol. It is available for an SRP of $4.99 per unit. It ships to operators in 25-unit cases.

Photograph courtesy of Sabre

Ohhy Media

gas station sanitation

Ohhy Ovation from Ohhy Media was developed to keep c-store customers and employees safe with a floor stand and wall-mounted sanitizing station that facilitates quick hand cleaning. Designed to be placed at the forecourt, store entrance, restrooms or near registers, the unit can be outfitted with interchangeable magnetic graphics on the front for c-store logos or promotions. Ohhy Ovation is constructed from metal to withstand outdoor use, with a capacity to hold 1000mL of sanitizer. It’s also offered with a sanitizer refill service to keep the unit operational and filled.

Photograph courtesy of Ohhy Media

Mood Media

Mood media

In partnership with sanitization manufacturers, Mood Media in June launched Mood’s CleanShield Solutions, a suite of germicidal protection and advanced cleaning offerings for businesses in retail, hospitality, restaurants/QSR, healthcare, entertainment and more. The suite’s solution sets include disinfectant/antimicrobial coating; electrochemically activated spraying; UV light disinfection and germ mitigation; antimicrobial LED continuous protection; and health monitoring systems for point-of-entry screening.

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double sided hand washing station

Vollrath expanded its product portfolio with a double-sided hand-washing station, offering customers and employees an easy, convenient space to wash hands anywhere sanitation is a concern in a retail store. Outfitted with a pair of sinks separated by a safety guard, each side features a sink, faucet with foot pedal for hands-free operation, soap dispenser and towel dispenser. The wash station can function as stationary or mobile and is equipped with a 10-gallon fresh-water tank and a 13-gallon waste-water tank.

Photograph courtesy of Vollrath

Bradley Corp.

washing bar

Bradley Corp. introduced the next generation of its WashBar series, delivering clean, rinse and dry functionality with a more modern, edgier profile. The durable chrome-plated cast alloy fixture features LED lighting to visually orient the user through the handwashing process, marked by easy-to-identify icons on top of the bar. The system’s integration of soap, water and dryer into one fixture eliminates deck and washroom clutter. With only one connection point to the sink, the WashBar design provides more open space for easier cleaning, while providing a striking design element, the company said.

Photograph courtesy of Bradley Corp.

Seaman Paper Co.

seaman tissue

With protective gloves in high demand, Seaman Paper Co. introduced FDA-compliant High-Touch Barrier Tissue, a paper-based solution designed to help minimize direct hand contact with common high-contact surfaces. With low environmental impact, the solution is packaged with either 500 or 1,000 grab-and-go sheets available in two sizes: 6 inches by 10.75 inches and 8 inches by 10.75 inches. Serving as a barrier between hands and high-contact surfaces, High-Touch Barrier Tissue can be dispensed to customers at the forecourt, inside stores or wherever hands touch common surfaces.

Photograph courtesy of Seaman Paper Co.


Z-Handle hands free door pull

Designed as an alternative to touching door handles, the Z-Handle Hands-Free Door Pull is a Z-shape handle that easy to install and allows patrons to open a door with their forearms. The Z-Handle is made from heavy-duty stainless steel with one-piece construction and no welds to break or large holes to drill.

Photograph courtesy of Z-Handle

March Networks

computer monitors

March Networks, a global video surveillance and video-based business intelligence firm, debuted a new solution in June to help enterprise businesses manage new health and safety compliance regulations. The company’s Health Compliance Solution delivers a suite of features to help operators monitor and measure occupancy in real time, rapidly detect individuals who may pose a potential risk, and ensure compliance with new cleaning and sanitization procedures. Two components in the suite are Real-Time Alerts on Elevated Body Temperatures, and Health & Safety Audits.

Photograph courtesy of March Networks