QuickWhite Teeth Whitening Spray

quick white teeth whitening
Brushless teeth whitening on the go now at C-stores.

Kretek International, Inc. is pleased to introduce QuickWhite Teeth Whitening Spray from SprayWhite 90. The simple spray applicator contains an all-natural solution proven to whiten teeth four to five shades in only two 90-second applications.

As a bonus, each QuickWhite kit comes with two free trial packets of WOW (WithOut Water) Powder Oral Rinse – a simple and effective breath-freshening and teeth-cleaning powder that not only kills bacteria and removes plaque, but it also removes the bio-film that holds bacteria against teeth. WOW’s time-release action provides protection against germs and bacteria for up to one hour. Its convenience makes it ideal for children, the elderly, handicapped individuals, and others who may have difficulty effectively maintaining oral hygiene.

QuickWhite is available in twelve-count trays for countertop display, with each kit packaged in a peggable blister card.  WOW packets are currently ready to ship in 100-pack counter bowls.

Ask your Kretek sales representative for details. Call 1-800-358-8100, or email [email protected].

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