American Foods Group Frozen Meats

american frozen beef set
Frozen meat
Captures consumers planning a cookout or dinner


American Foods Group offers prepackaged frozen beef items that c-stores can sell as take-home freezer products. Customers planning a cook­out or dinner can choose from one-pound chub packages of ground beef, quarter-pound hamburgers in a 1.5-pound cube box and bacon-wrapped 5-ounce fillets of beef in a six-pack. The bacon-wrapped fillets have proven to be a unique differentiator for retailers, especially when used in promotions to drive awareness and in-store traffic. Products from Sheboygan Sausage Co., an American Foods Group brand, include summer sausage snack sticks in 12-pack displays, in 5-ounce and 9-ounce sizes, as well as roller-grill items.

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