As the Category Churns: 6 Packaged Yogurt Options

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Recent rollouts in packaged single-serve yogurt have placed an emphasis on a host of diversified values, including plant-based, use of whole milk or no milk (nondairy), extra protein, and portion and packaging achievements, as well as honing in more intently on the youth market.

To add more fuel from a brand perspective, Danone launched a campaign called “Do Good By You” that’s “more than a tagline, it’s a brand mantra that encourages self-care every day,” said Prabha Cheemalapati, vice president of yogurt marketing for Danone. 

As part of this campaign, Danone released Two Good Greek yogurt, a brand that piggybacks off the relevance of Dannon Light & Fit. To up the ante on the value proposition, Two Good relies on a novel, patent-pending, slow-straining process that removes most of the sugar from milk before the yogurt is made.

“As people continue to look for ways to reduce sugar from their diets, we’ve been working hard to find a way to remove some of the naturally occurring sugar found in milk so that yogurt continues to be a preferred choice,” said Thierry Saint-Denis, Danone North America’s senior director of research and innovation for yogurt.

This innovation comes as the category looks for a boost: Total U.S. convenience-store packaged yogurt sales for a 24-week period ending Dec. 30, 2018, declined 6%, while units dropped 10%, according to Chicago-based IRI. For the entire year ending Dec. 30, 2018, dollar sales fell 5.3% and units fell 9.7%.

Read on for a glimpse of innovation that’s propelling the category.

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1. Two Good

two good dannon

Two Good Greek yogurt from Dannon features the same taste and quality of Light & Fit with less sugar. Each cup is slow-strained down to 2 grams of total sugar, resulting in a thick and creamy Greek yogurt rich in protein with 85% less sugar than average yogurts, the company says. The new yogurt is available in Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach, Vanilla and Mixed Berry.

Photograph courtesy of Two Good

2. Non-Dairy Chobani

non dairy chobani

For consumers seeking nondairy alternatives, Non-Dairy Chobani plant-based yogurts are all-natural and made with non-GMO ingredients. The Non-Dairy Chobani line features single-serve cups in Blueberry, Peach, Slightly Sweet Plain, Strawberry and Vanilla flavors, as well as single-serve drinks in Mango, Slightly Sweet Plain, Strawberry and Vanilla Chai flavors. The cups have an SRP of $1.99, while drinks have an SRP of $2.49.

Photograph courtesy of Chobani

3. Choboni Gimmies

chobani gimmies

Debuted in December, Chobani Gimmies is a line of Greek yogurt snacks for kids. The line consists of 13 flavors across four package formats: drinkable milkshakes, tubes and pouches and “crunch,” which is similar to the Chobani Flip format. Similar to other Chobani products, Gimmies are made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients, without any thickeners, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Photograph courtesy of Chobani

4. Siggi’s

siggis simple

Siggi’s Simple Sides, which rolled out in summer 2018, brought together whole-milk yogurt and no-added-sugar add-ins for a wholesome snack with more protein than sugar in every cup, the company says. Flavors include vanilla yogurt with dried coconut and cacao nibs; honey yogurt with dried figs and walnuts; vanilla yogurt with almonds and dried cherries; and plain yogurt with muesli and currants. The varieties contain 15 grams of protein and 11 grams of sugar, on average, per 5.3-ounce serving.

Photograph courtesy of Siggi

5. Oui

oui by yoplait petites

Oui by Yoplait, a French-style yogurt, is being offered in pairs of small-size 3.5-ounce glass pots and branded as Oui Petites. Four flavors are available: Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate With Shavings, Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Caramelized Apple. The yogurt is made by pouring simple ingredients—such as whole milk, pure cane sugar and yogurt cultures—into individual glass pots and left to set for eight hours, creating a thick and creamy texture.

Photograph courtesy of Yoplait

6. Stonyfield Farms

stonyfield snack packs

Last August, Stonyfield Farm introduced three new snacking options. Featuring a duo of creamy, organic low-fat yogurt paired with either organic graham crackers or organic pretzels for dipping, Organic Snack Packs joined the company’s kid-friendly lineup of organic yogurt, pouches, smoothies, tubes and string cheese. Three flavors include Strawberry Lowfat Yogurt and Graham Crackers, Chocolate flavored Lowfat Yogurt and Graham Crackers and Chocolate flavored Lowfat Yogurt and Pretzels.

Photograph courtesy of Stonyfield Farms