8 Unique GM Releases That Caught Our Eyes


The general merchandise set of a convenience store often gets lost in the shuffle of higher-trafficked categories. But adding some punch to the category can help to better engage customers and alert them to the fact that c-stores can be a go-to place for items often bought at mass merchandise, grocery or drugstores.

Click through for a showcase of eight general merchandise and health and beauty care (HBC) products that have arrived in stores over the past two quarters.

Photograph: Shutterstock 

1. Pixotine

pixotine original nicotine toothpick

Pixotine Products Inc. offers nicotine toothpicks that are compact and portable and have a sleek design that fits snugly into a pocket or wallet. Sold in plastic packages of 15 toothpicks per pack, the Pixotine Original Nicotine Toothpicks are 100% tobacco-free and FDA registered and compliant. They are infused with USP-grade natural nicotine extract, vegetable glycerin and flavors, according to the company, and available for an SRP of $3.99 per pack.

Photograph courtesy of Pixotine Products

2. Nicotac


Nicotac nicotine gum recently joined Lil’ Drug Store Products’ growing portfolio of health and wellness brands. Designed to help adult smokers quit smoking, Nicotac comes in two strengths—2 milligrams and 4 milligrams of nicotine polacrilex—and various flavors, including fruit, mint and cinnamon. Nicotac is available in 10-count packages for an SRP of $4.99.

Photograph courtesy of Nicotac

3. Dwypers


Regarded as the smallest diaper changing kit on the market, Dwypers disposable packs include a baby diaper, five-pack of wipes and a changing mat. The item is small enough to fit in a back pocket, clutch handbag, car console or stroller caddy. Specifically, each pack includes wipes made of all-natural ingredients; a poly-backed changing mat to protect a child from the changing surface; and one diaper designed for sensitive skin and has an elastic waist, wetness indicator and fabric-like feel.

Photograph courtesy of Dwypers

4. American Style Sunglasses

american style sunglasses

American Style Sunglasses offer consumers diverse styles and assortment in Red, White & Blue, Action and Fashion & Cool styles. All styles are embossed with color-coded price tags. Maximum Polarized are available as well. All sunglasses are available for an SRP of $9.99. Each dozen box is packed with a variety of frame styles and colors.

Photograph courtesy of American Style Sunglasses

5. Releev


Providing fast relief to those with painful cold sores, Releev 1 Day Cold Sore Symptom Treatment from Merix Pharmaceutical Corp. contains Viracea, a proprietary botanical extract formula. Merix’s patented echinacea extract with the FDA-approved OTC antimicrobial antiseptic benzalkonium chloride is the fastest healing treatment for cold sores, the supplier says, as it was found in a clinical trial to heal cold sores in as little as one day. The treatment also eases pain from cold sores in three to 10 minutes, relieves other symptoms within 24 hours and stops skin irritation after application.

Photograph courtesy of Merix Pharmaceutical

6. Compostable Straws

repurpose compostable straws

Manufacturer Repurpose is launching the first flexible, single-use Compostable Straws. The bendy straws are ultra-durable and won’t crack mid-sip, the company said. The upcycled straws are also BPA-free, chlorine-free and nontoxic. Repurpose Straws offer an alternative for those operators seeking a better disposal option without sacrificing convenience or quality. Repurpose Compostable Straws are available for an SRP of $2.79 per 50 count.

Photograph courtesy of Repurpose

7. Raw Health

rawHealth watershots

The Raw Health Hemp Infused Water Shot from Raw Health Infused Products is all-natural with no chemicals or artificial ingredients and a total of nine ingredients, according to the company. The shots come in three variety applications: Refresh, a strawberry-flavored nutrition shot that provides a natural energy boost; Relax, a blueberry-flavored nutrition shot that promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety to induce sleep; and Renew, a mixed berry nutrition shot to treat hangovers.

Photograph courtesy of Raw Health

8. Chewpod


Recently rolled out for the first time in the United States, Chewpod is a chewable supplement available in two styles: Energy on Demand that helps increase energy, and Sleep on Demand, which is meant to provide a good night’s rest. Each pack, available for an SRP of $5, comes with eight individually packaged mint tablets. Bundles of four and bundles of 10 are also available for an SRP of $18 and $40, respectively.

Photograph courtesy of Chewpod