4 Product Innovations From Pabst Brewing Co.

For a brewer that had been relegated to the has-been pile just a few years ago by some, Pabst Brewing Co. has recently upped its product innovation game.

Over the past two years, Pabst has made new products under the flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon brand a priority.

Click through for a look at four recent product launches from the company.

Photographs courtesy of Pabst Brewing Co.

1. Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee

Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee launched in test markets in July. PBR Hard Coffee contains 5% alcohol by volume (ABV) and is made using Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and "a dash" of American milk. Hard Coffee is available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maine, Florida and Georgia.

2. Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra

Rolled out in April, Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra is a "great-tasting, easy-drinking higher-ABV beer," the company said. Packaged in a black can, Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra offers a light but crisp 6.5% ABV alternative to heavy drinking beers, the company said.

3. Pabst Blue Ribbon Non-Alcoholic

Also launched in April, Pabst Blue Ribbon Non-Alcoholic is "made with the finest hops and grains, offering a great real beer taste that allows everyone to join the occasion," the company said.

4. Pabst Blue Ribbon Easy

Pabst launched Pabst Blue Ribbon Easy in late 2018. The drink is a full-flavored, low-calorie beer packaged in light blue and yellow cans. And in an unexpected twist, Pabst has announced it will roll out Pabst Blue Ribbon Whiskey later this summer.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is owned by Milwaukee-based Pabst Brewing Co., America's largest privately held brewing company.