7 Enhanced Bottled Water Rollouts

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Consumers are expecting more from their bottled beverage selections, seeking a higher level of fortified ingredients along with less sugar across water, juice, tea and other product segments.

In fact, Chicago-based Mintel’s new product database from the latter part of 2019 shows a 69% increase in new vitamin- and mineral-fortified beverages since November 2016.

And Nielsen’s 2019 Health Care Survey found that nearly half (47%) of consumers say the presence of vitamins and minerals are important attributes when contemplating bottled water purchasing decisions.

Other consumer musts for these enhanced beverages: lower sugar content and environmentally friendly packaging.

“Many of the fortified drinks, while laden with nutrients, are also packed with sugar,” said Andy Ohmes, global director of high-intensity sweeteners at Minneapolis-based Cargill. “Fortunately, a growing array of alternative sweetener options offer formulators a way to create fortified beverages that keep sugar in check, while still delivering a great-tasting beverage.”

Read on for a roundup of seven fortified/functional bottled waters that debuted recently.

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Koios Beverage Corp.


In late October, Koios Beverage Corp. debuted a canned nootropic beverage that promotes brain health and provides other natural organic compounds to improve productivity. Koios contains such ingredients as medium chain triglycerides, hericium erinaceus, electrolytes, Alpha GPC, ciwuija, natural caffeine from green tea and more. It’s noted for offering a science-based approach to nutrition and human optimization, the company said. Koios is available for an SRP of $2.98 per 12-ounce can.

Photograph courtesy of Koios Beverage Corp.

Natural Hemp Co.

hemp water

In August, Natural Hemp Co. rolled out Day One CBD Sparkling Water, a flavored sparkling water with a splash of lemon fruit juice that is infused with 20 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD. The variety contains all-natural ingredients and zero calories, zero carbs and no added sweeteners. It’s infused with 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD with a splash of lemon fruit juice.

Photograph courtesy of Natural Hemp Co.

Constellation Brands

Karma wellness water

Even beverage companies outside the bottled-water space are recognizing the upside by making strategic investments in enhanced waters. In mid-February, Victor, N.Y.-based Constellation Brands invested in Karma Wellness Water, the company’s first investment by its Constellation Ventures’ arm in a nonalcohol brand.

Pittsford, N.Y.-based Karma Wellness Water is a natural and nutrient-enhanced beverage promoting wellness by delivering vitamins and probiotics stored in the bottle cap. The consumer infuses the additives just moments before consumption, avoiding a breakdown of the nutrients from sitting in water.

Photograph courtesy of Karma Wellness Water



Striving to build water-consumption habits in a young, impressionable audience, Good2Grow in June 2019 launched Fortified Water featuring PODZ, designed with kids ages 7-12 in mind. The new Podz product line features 10-ounce bottles with a clear, twist-off lid that encases a 3D character from movies and TV shows, such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Trolls and Minions. The drinks come in Orange Mango and Raspberry Lemonade flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Good2Grow



Aquahydrate debuted an aluminum bottle this spring for its electrolyte-enhanced alkaline water to help address the growing concern of plastic packaging landing in landfills. The more environmentally friendly 750-ml aluminum package is 100% recyclable across all U.S. states.

Photograph courtesy of Aquahydrate

Alkaline Water Co.

Alkaline water

Beginning in February, Alkaline88 from the Alkaline Water Co. was made available in a new 500-ml sustainable single-serve aluminum bottle. The clean-label water currently offers environmental bulk sizes of 3 liter and 1 gallon—refillable, resealable and 100% recyclable. The brand also offers a four-pack case. The chemical-free alkaline water is balanced at 8.8 pH, and contains Himalayan minerals, according to the company.

Photograph courtesy of Alkaline Water Co.



PathWater introduced a refreshed brushed-aluminum and refillable bottle designed with minimalist branding to encourage reuse. The package is available for PathWater Sparkling, Alkaline and Still water offerings, which are infused with electrolytes and balanced pH. Both types are available in 20-ounce nine-packs for an SRP of $22.99.

Photograph courtesy of PathWater