7 Kid-Friendly Product Launches Garnering Attention

kids eating lunch

Marketers worked the innovation machine in 2018, delivering several kid-friendly new products in both the food and beverage categories.

It’s a wise choice because children, at 73.8 million, account for 22.4% of the total U.S. population, according to the Rockville, Md.-based Packaged Facts' spring 2018 report Kids Food & Beverage Market in the U.S., 9th Edition.

“Industry players must engage kids earlier and retain relationships through the teen years to realize full market potential,” the report says. “The most effective marketers will leverage honed strategies to increase the connection with the core family market without alienating the childless household.”

Packaged Facts said kids are key influencers of parents’ food-buying choices, with 55% of parents saying their kids’ preferences and requests are especially important to them. Also, most parents (91%) said they buy a new food or beverage that their kids ask for at least some of the time, with 20% indicating they almost always do so.

One salient point the report makes is that there’s really “no distinct way to differentiate kids' food from regular food products.” Marketers may use fun shapes, crazy colors or character merchandising to appeal to kids, but this doesn’t make a product “exclusive to kids.”

The “gray area” provides incentive for marketers “to innovate new product lines that can be adapted to kids’ needs and desires or more broadly as a family-friendly food or beverage,” Packaged Facts said.

Click through for seven kid-friendly products that made a splash in the past year or are poised to roll out soon.

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1. Chobani Gimmies

chobani gimmies

Chobani’s new line of Greek yogurt snacks, Chobani Gimmies, rolled out in 13 flavors and four unique package formats. The formats are Crunch, which is similar to Chobani Flip; Milkshakes, which come in Bizzy Buzzy Strawberry, Cookies & Cream Crush and Chillin’ Mint Chocolate flavors; Tubes in Super Berry Rocket, Creamy Orange Dreamy and Cherry Set Go flavors; and Pouches, available in See Ya Later Strawberry and Bunch of Bouncy Grape. The line has an SRP range of $1.25 to $4.49. Like all Chobani products, Gimmies are made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients, without any thickeners, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Photograph courtesy of Chobani

2. Little Villager

villager goods little villager trio

With a mission to produce healthy, organic and affordable products, Villager Goods has introduced Little Villager, flavorful, low-sugar organic beverages for kids. The no-sugar-added beverages contain 40% juice and come in three flavors: Apple Juice, Pink Lemonade and Fruit Punch. The founders’ goal is to inspire active, healthy lifestyles from a young age, leveraging its community of athletes and influencers, the company said.

Photograph courtesy of Villager Goods

3. Orgain Kids O-Bar

orgain kids o bars

With Orgain Kids O-Bars, Orgain created a high-quality, organic snack bar specifically for kids. The bars, available in Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie and Peanut Butter flavors, are USDA certified organic and made with clean ingredients. They contain nine to 10 whole grains, 7 grams of fiber and 40% to 55% percent less sugar than other organic kids' bars, the company says.

Photograph courtesy of Orgain

4. Candyrific Nerf

candyrific nerf easter eggs

For Easter 2019, Candyrific has garnered a new license agreement with Hasbro to merchandise three new items within its foam-based Nerf toy brand that combine novelties, candy and games. The items are a Nerf Large Easter Egg, which includes foam darts, a target game and 1.52 ounces of jelly beans for an SRP of $2.99; and Nerf Football and Basketball Sipper Cups, which include 0.88 ounces of fruit-flavored chewy candy for an SRP of $3.99. The football cup comes with a foam football and goal post, while the basketball cup has a foam basketball and hoop.

Photograph courtesy of CandyRific

5. Go-Gurt Dunkers


In December, General Mills released Yoplait Go-Gurt Dunkers, which are packs of yogurt paired with graham crackers for dunking. Three flavors are available: Strawberry, Vanilla and Cotton Candy. They have an SRP range of $2.99 to $4.39.

Photograph courtesy of General Mills

6. Kind Kids

kind kids

Created with youth in mind, Kind Kids chewy granola bars from Kind Healthy Snacks are gluten-free with 25% less sugar than other kids' granola bars, the company says. The bars are also free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, as well as genetically engineered ingredients. They come in Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Honey Oat flavors, and have an SRP of $3.99 per six-pack.

Photograph courtesy of Kind Healthy Snacks

7. Roar Kids

roar beverage kids marvel

Roar Beverages’ line of natural hydration beverages for kids comes in Grape, Fruit Punch and Apple flavors. The packaging features images of Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man and Avengers characters. At 20 calories and 2 added grams of sugar per bottle, each all-natural flavor contains no artificial preservatives, artificial colorings or artificial flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Roar Beverages