9 New Cold-Brew Coffees

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New research from Mintel’s Global New Products Database shows U.S. volume of chilled coffee grew at least 10% annually from 2013 to 2017, and much of that growth is from cold-brew coffee, thanks to manufacturers who jumped on the trend. More than half (56%) of new ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee launches in the U.S. in 2017 were cold-brew formulations, up from 38% the year prior.

On a global scale, cold coffee was responsible for one in five (19%) new coffee launches—led by iced and RTD varieties.

“Global investment in chilled, RTD coffee has increased as producers target a younger drinker who enjoys the format’s taste, refreshment and indulgence,” said Jonny Forsyth, associate director for Mintel Food & Drink, New York. “RTD coffee is proving a better format for innovation than hot-serve formats and, in 2017, manufacturers continued to push the format’s boundaries.

“The key to success lies with the younger generation, which has been introduced to chilled coffee in branded coffee shops.”

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1. Red Diamond

fitz cold brew coffee

Made for today’s coffee lovers who approach coffee similar to how they approach a fine wine or craft beer, Red Diamond Fitz Cold Brew Coffee features a full-bodied, sweet taste with a hint of nutty flavor, according to the company. It is sourced from 100% Arabica beans that are roasted and cold-brewed to be both smooth and rich in flavor.

2. Java House

java cold brew

Java House offers its Colombian Black Cold Brew Coffee in 10-ounce ready-to-drink bottles. The variety has a smooth feel and a rich taste, according to the company. It also offers three varieties of RTD Cold Brew Frappes: Mocha, Vanilla and Coffee. They also come in 10-ounce bottles.

3. Bulletproof Coffee

bulletproof coffee

The rise of “super coffee” reflects how third-wave coffee shops (and some retail brands) have increasingly pushed coffee with health benefits, such as added coconut oil, chia seeds, protein and grass-fed butter, according to Mintel. Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew is made with Bulletproof coffee beans, "Brain Octane oil" and grass-fed butter. The drink is available in Original, Vanilla, Mocha and Original + Collagen Protein flavors, and it doesn’t require refrigeration.

4. Chameleon

chameleon cold brew

In 2017, 10% of global coffee launches claimed to be organic, up from 8% the year before, according to Mintel. This rise was led by U.S. activity, where organic accounted for 22% of all coffee launches in 2017, up from 15% in 2016. Chameleon Cold-Brew is Austin, Texas’ original consciously crafted and fair trade organic coffee, according to the company.

5. Stok

stok protein coffee

Coffee with added protein is still a relatively unexplored area of global coffee innovation, despite Starbucks targeting this space in the U.S. market since 2015, Mintel said. Increasing attention to health and wellness among consumers globally will result in specific opportunities for coffee with added protein over the next two years, according to the report. One for the taking is Stok’s Protein Cold Brew Coffee. With 16 grams of protein per serving, Protein Cold Brew Coffee has an ultrasmooth, never chalky flavor experience, according to the company.

6. Coffee-mate Natural Bliss

coffee mate cold brew coffee

Coffee creamer maker Coffee-mate has entered the RTD coffee business with Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Cold Brew Coffee, made with all-natural, high-quality and fully recognizable ingredients, the company said. It’s available in Sweet Cream and Mocha flavored varieties. “Cold-brew consumption has risen 80% in the last year, and we saw a great opportunity to expand our product portfolio into the ready-to-drink space to further meet consumer demands and lifestyles,” said Avantika Chakravorty, manager of marketing for Coffee-Mate.

7. 7-Eleven


Irving, Texas-based 7-Eleven Inc. tested a proprietary coffee soda in what it says is the first self-chilling can available to the public in the United States. Fizzics Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee was tested in 15 Los Angeles-area 7-Eleven convenience stores using Chill-Can technology created by the Joseph Co. International Inc. The Chill-Can containers are purchased at ambient temperature. When ready to consume, the patented technology uses reclaimed CO2 in a process that automatically chills the can and the sparkling coffee beverage inside.

8. Cafe Agave

cafe agave spiked cold brew coffee

Cafe Agave Spiked Cold Brew Coffee is a blend of alcohol, cold-brew coffee, real dairy cream, agave nectar and natural flavors. Cafe Agave Spiked Cold Brew Coffee is available in four flavors: Espresso Shot, Caffe Mocha, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Cinnamon. Wine-based with a 12.5% ABV, the products contain natural flavors and are made with premium dark roast Arabica cold-brewed coffee, according to the company. The drinks are available in 187-milliliter singles or four-packs.

9. Peet’s

peets cold brew

Peet’s Cold Brew hit stores in mid-2017, the result of Peet’s creation of its Coldcraft division, designed as a new business unit focused on capitalizing on this niche coffee market. Peet’s Cold Brew is offered in four varieties: Baridi Black, Almond Milk, Coffee Au Lait and Dark Chocolate. The drinks comes in 10.5-ounce bottles. As part of the launch, the company introduced a nitro cold-brew in a keg format as well.