Behind the Brand: Freshly Squeezed

Coors Light MillerCoors evokes a citrusy, summertime feel with Coors Light Summer Brew packaging

In a first for the venerable brewer of the No. 3 beer brand on the market, MillerCoors in May released a seasonal beer in specially designed packaging. Coors Light Summer Brew takes tried-and-true Coors Light and infuses it with a twist of citrus. That twist extends itself into every nuance of the product, including the packaging.

“The packaging is intended to reflect the beer: a refreshing blend of Coors Light and natural citrus flavors,” says Jordan Williams, associate marketing manager for Coors Light. “We also want to create a package that would be an accessory for summer fun that would resonate with and excite new consumers.”

Chicago-based MillerCoors employed the expertise of Landor, a San Francisco firm, to carry out its design vision for Coors Light Summer Brew.

“The inspiration behind it is Rocky Mountain cold meets summer refreshment,” Williams says. “We want our consumers to squeeze the most out of situations, and we feel like the packaging evokes the energy and exuberance of summer.”

The dynamic packaging signals the dawn of a new age of consumers. The company often quotes a Kelton Global study that sites that seven in 10 legal-drinking-age millennials make clutch alcohol-beverage decisions based on packaging alone. All that comes down to the first impression, one that MillerCoors doesn’t take lightly: “The initial design [exploration] was rooted more heavily in current brand equities,” Williams says. “Consumer research revealed a lack of newness with this approach, and so we pushed ourselves to be more distinct while hanging onto equity anchors like the cold-activated mountains and silver can.”

The brew, which launched in May and was rolled out into stores through mid-July, is available until the last case leaves the shelves.