DaVinci Gourmet Invigorators

davinci gourmet invigorators
Flavored water
Variety made with green coffee extract and antioxidants
With flavored water consumption nearly doubling last year, the manufacturer launched Invigorators—a new line of fruit-flavored beverage concentrates. Made with green coffee extract which contains antioxidants and feature no coffee taste, Invigorators have 70 calories per 16-ounce serving. Shelf-stable concentrates are available in three fruit flavors: Kiwi Lime, Orange Melon and Raspberry Pomegranate, and come in packs of four 64-ounce plastic jugs with pump-or-pour preparation in a 5-to-1 format. Operators need only add sparkling or still water to craft beverages, or mix in fresh or frozen fruit to create signature drinks.
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