Just Chill Stress Relief Beverage

just chill
Offers SoCal Residents a Refreshing Way to Keep their Cool

Just Chill, an all-natural stress relief beverage produced by The Chill Group LLC, is cooling down Southern California this summer. A perfect blend of science and flavor; Just Chill was designed to keep you cool and relaxed without causing drowsiness. Formulated with 100 percent natural ingredients including ginseng, ginko biloba, Lemongras, L-theanine and other essential vitamins, Just Chill is a unique beverage unlike anything else on the market.

“We are excited to launch the brand in Southern California where our roots are,” said Max Baumann, Just Chill Co-Founder and CEO.  “SoCal beach life is really what inspired me to create Just Chill. It’s a total compliment to the laid-back lifestyle and a healthy reminder that we all need to relax and embrace it a little bit more.“

Sold at key retailers such as Whole Foods Markets and distributed by some of the top retailers in the West, Just Chill is making a name for itself largely due to its unique proprietary “chill blend” which provides the perfect amount of relaxation to keep focused and functional throughout the day.

Leading the pack in 2011 for healthy, tasty beverages with added benefits and no adverse side effects, Just Chill carves out a new category in the drink market and brings a cool and refreshing addition to the beaches of Southern California. Whether you are surfing the break or conquering the boardroom, Just Chill is just what you need to kick back, relax and just chill.

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